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The benefits of timely treatment in curved penis syndrome: the urologist Danilo Centrella explains them

The health pill speaks of the Syndrome of Peyronie or curved penis. A disease that, if caught early, can be treated with drugs. The Dr. Danilo Centrella, surgeon, specialist in urology and andrology and director of the complex structure of Verbano Cusio Ossola, explains why it is important to act promptly.


Today we talk about a human disease that it is not a dangerous condition for the life of the man, but it has a big impact on the social and sexual life of the man and on his self-esteem.

We know that andrology is the science of medicine that deals with diseases from the genital, sexual and reproductive point of view of man. There is a disease called “Hardening of the penis plastic” which has its origins in very ancient times. Think, it is It was first described in 1543 by an anatomist, by a Flemish doctor named Andreas Vesalius who is the one who created the first exact anatomical science.

He was a medical student from the Brussels Flamingo, who then went to Paris and did some large dissections of the human body by taking the corpses in the cemeteries. Because at the time they were made in cemeteries, there is a cemetery in Paris called “cemetery of the innocents” where these studies were made and he described in “De humanis corporis Fabrica” the various diseases of the human body. A very important compendium and you still see these images now.

He began to describe this penile disease. Think that then 200 years passed, before the real description came from another very important surgeon, a Frenchman who was called Francois La Peyronie, in fact the disease is called Peyronie’s disease. He was very good, he was a battle surgeon, he worked on the battlefields. Then he was called by Louis XV in 1743, exactly 200 years later, because he told him “I have a disease that makes my penis twistThis is the disease: he called it “the crooked banana”. In fact, the “induratio penis Plastica” is a disease that affects the penis, because it has an exaggerated inflammatory reaction in the tunica albuginea in the sheath, in the elastic tunic that covers the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

We know that the penis is a vascular organ, so when blood arrives it swells and there is an elastic cylinder underneath that stretches and allows for erections. In the predisposed subjects, for autoimmune pathologies, for congenital pathologies, in microtraumatism, sexual intercourse causes an inflammatory reaction that can cause a retraction, pain in the penis and even a deficit of erection.

It makes you smile to think about this pathology. But know that up to 10% of men suffer from this disease and it even makes you think that it gives when the patient has symptoms and when he comes to the doctor they spend an average of 12/18 months because of the embarrassment in talking about this problem. Makes you think since the disease has a dynamic phase and an inflammatory phase that can be treated with drugs, and then a static phase, that is, a calcification in which it is necessary to do a micro surgery. Know that it is very important to arrive early and start treatment earlier.

So the message is very important. Know that if you suffer from this disease, talk to your doctor, talk to your urologist, let’s start therapy as soon as possible because, as the World Health Union says, well-being is not only a physical state of health, but also a psychological and social one. The deficit of sexual intercourse in the life of a couple creates a large relational deficit in the state of health and, as doctors, we must protect it very well.

Anyone wishing more information can visit the website of Dr. Danilo Centrella, surgeon, specialized in urology and andrology and director of the complex of urology in Verbano Cusio Ossola www.danilocetrella.it.

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