The alternative to Mercedes is Korean: buy a luxury flagship with two pennies |  They look like twins

The alternative to Mercedes is Korean: buy a luxury flagship with two pennies | They look like twins

Brands like Mercedes-Benz have solidified their reputation for luxury status over the years, but are there really no alternatives that cost a little less? Sure there are. She is one of the best.

The Asian variant (Canva)

Many people feel they have arrived by stretching their legs from the seats of their new Mercedes. Here’s how you can travel very comfortably even without the well-known German car.

Asian luxury

For those who mean a minimum of cars, the little that is needed to distinguish a supercar from an old minivan, the German company Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with unbridled luxury. Of course, there are always more luxurious and expensive brands – Maybach and Rolls Royce tell you anything? – but the German house is rightly considered one of those that produce the most elegant cars suitable for nabob trips.

The problem is always the same: the price. A high-end, full-featured Mercedes sedan can cost a lot that many people don’t even earn in ten years of work. Take for example the latest S-Klass, a beautiful silver torpedo that costs between 110,532 and 246,546 euros depending on the set-up. And we haven’t even brought up the upgraded Brabus version!

The E Klass is also very beautiful and luxurious: not surprisingly, its price ranges between 56,697 and 129,960 Euros according to the price list of At the wheel and we also bring up the splendid CLS, a car worth 88,514 or 116,964 Euros in value, depending on how generous you feel in spending your money. High prices, right? Nevertheless there is an alternative “Low cost” that has nothing to envy to these models.

Stand out in traffic

First made in 1999, the Hyundai Equus – name that recalls horse riding? Good question – it was born with the idea of ​​challenging the supremacy of houses like Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln and Maybach in the sector of representative sedans. The first series of the car, now aged, is in fact reminiscent of the American Town Car. Later models are much more attractive on the second-hand market as well.

The second generation of 2009 landed in the United States very soon, becoming an interesting alternative to the competition. Hyundai did a great job with the Equus, imposing, luxurious and with an interior perfectly in line with the price range in which the car must fit. The car at the time of its arrival on the market had options such as vertical control of the tire trim and EAS suspension, technology on which the Korean company invested time, resources and hours of work.

Equus Wikipedia 30_08_2022 Quattromania
The 2016 Hyundai Equus can be found used for $ 39,000 in the United States… (Wikipedia)

The car might look like a “draft” of the S-Class. Nothing further from reality. If the technological standard equipment is not enough for you, know that this car has been used by some UN dignitaries, by diplomats from various countries – USA and Chile included – and even that a series of 3 specimens in limousine configuration have been produced in a special livery from the Hermes brand, a fashion brand that does not collaborate with the latest arrival.

The Equus it is not very widespread in Italy but as the price lists of The Parking it is used at very affordable prices. An example with a few kilometers costs less than 40,000 Euros and if you don’t drive many kilometers in your car, here is one with a lot of kilometers on the back for less than 17,000 Euros. And what do you need a new Mercedes for?

Equus Il Parking 30_08_2022 Quattromania
(The Parking)

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