Corvino: “Rodriguez?  He wanted the sale only in A ”.  Trinchera: “Shomurodov?  Absolutely false "

Corvino: “Rodriguez? He wanted the sale only in A ”. Trinchera: “Shomurodov? Absolutely false “

The manager of the Pantaleo technical area Raven and the DS Stefano Trinchera spoke this morning at a press conference a few hours after the end of transfer market.

Raven: “It seems right to me from time to time to take steps on what life is like in a club. I would like to take advantage of this meeting to talk about what has been done in these two years. It is important to refer to the past before talking about the present. Two years ago we started and we had the first team in Serie B and the Primavera in the Primavera 2 championship. With both we achieved promotion.

Then we must also take into account the staff we have inherited and the current one, both for the first team and for the youth sector. To evaluate the work done, not only the objectives must be taken into account but also the paths that are taken to achieve the objectives, also looking at the sustainability of the club.
We have done a lot in terms of men, structures, equipment. I want to tell you about the numbers that take into account all the work we have done in these only two years.

When I arrived there was no one to see the Primavera, against Napoli there were almost 400 spectators. Finally it starts to create interest and let’s not forget that Spring represents the heritage of our company.
In these two years, between the first team and the youth sector, we have completed 135 operations divided between entries and exits. It means that in about 700 days every 3 days the technical area has defined an operation. This is the demonstration of the work done and it was a work that had to be done. Behind an operation there are many others that unfortunately do not define themselves. Inbound with the first team we made 49 operations, while outbound 38. For a total of 87 operations. In the youth sector 31 incoming and 17 outgoing.

We always said we had our wallet but it was lower than the others. We have made tremendous efforts to achieve our best. Aware that we all make mistakes, but everyone must know that players cannot be judged after 20 or 30 minutes or after a match. To the players we thought couldn’t be with us in the new Serie A adventure, we said it straight away, without hiding. We have made some evaluations and time will tell us if we have done well or badly.

In Coda and Lucioni no one said they had to leave. As intelligent people they have made their own assessments and seized different opportunities, thinking of leaving.
At Bjorkengren from the beginning we said he should leave, there were opportunities for him too but they had to satisfy us too and that didn’t happen. He is still on the market, he is not in our squad and there are still some open markets. We usually do not put anyone out of the squad, but we are clear with everyone and always tell the truth.

The other player is Rodriguez. Last year I said that, since he is a young man, he can play on the outside or as a false nueve, often the second strikers try to play in these roles of 433. After a year we have seen that there has not been much willingness on the part of the player to make an effort in that role. We talked to the agent and told him it would be better to take him somewhere else, to a team where he could play to grow. We said it a few days after last season ended. Agent and player, however, did not want to consider other situations, if not in Serie A. We were told that he would not have moved from Lecce for any reason except for another team in the Italian top league. We have taken note of this choice, making our evaluations.

It was not an easy market. We said there was a lot to do, we had the courage to say it. While trying to keep at least 10/11 players from last season, we have made many operations. We kept what was right to keep and on the pitch he is giving us the answers we expected. We tried to make the best of what we had.

We worked day and night to give our coach and our fans a competitive team. We have done many operations taking into account that it is played every three days, we have built a squad that has a lot of choice in every department.

In midfield we have 8 midfielders including Berisha and Samek, two young players in whom we strongly believe and who could be called up if necessary by Baroni. Today we must have confidence in the guys we have in midfield, in Naples with a young midfield we finished the first half 1 to 1, missing a penalty and without suffering too much.
When Baschirotto arrived I was criticized, we had the courage to take him. We took him and he fully represents the ideas market we have always talked about. Frabotta told us that he wanted to go play, we took into account his need and we took Pezzella.

Ceesay came for free, top scorer in the Swiss league and 20 goals last year. Colombo after 30 minutes said he was not valid, then he played and scored in Naples. As the third striker came the best striker of last year’s Primavera 1.

The Primavera can lose with anyone, but I guarantee you they can win with anyone. Everyone must fear when they play against us. We are working on the potential of the place, I have been here for two years and it takes time. Before, no one was talking about the youth sector, now everyone is interested and this makes me happy.

Deputy Hjulmand? In addition to Blin, Bistrovic and Berisha can also do it. Quality has no age and a 2003 boy can play in Serie A. The bar fan can think differently, have more faith in the name than in the young boy but not us. Indicatively, our salary for the first team, gross, is around 15 million / 15 million and a half. The net salary of the youth sector is around 350 thousand euros. For the buy out campaign we have recovered about 3.5 million.

Maksimovic, Normann and Ferguson? It’s part of the game, they were opportunities and they didn’t define themselves for different reasons.

Half wing? We have 6 midfielders for 3 places. In two months we will talk about the market again and for now the half wing was not a requirement. Normann was an opportunity, not a need, others that were better than those we had at home we did not find and therefore it was right to continue with the boys in the squad.

Oudin? We had 5 exteriors for two seats. He is a profile that I wanted to bring to Fiorentina in 2019. The negotiation at the time lasted a month and a half but in the end I was unable to take it. In June this summer I called his agent, as Bordeaux were relegated, but the offer I could make was a third of what the player got. At the end of the transfer market the prosecutor called me back and we also found a solution with the Bordeaux president. It may be that next year we will have something more in our wallet and from engagement this loan can become marriage.
Market vote? Those who judge must give it, not us. “

Trinchera: “Shomurodov? It is absolutely not true, on the eve of the match against Napoli I had expressed the concept that for us the market was largely closed. In attack We focused on 3 guys who in my opinion will give us great satisfaction, 2 of these are young people of absolute value. 2002 in the Spring? We need to enhance these guys but as we believe in we want to exploit their potential to the fullest. For now they will remain in the Spring and then we’ll see ”.

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