Bill, how much more do you spend on fridge and TV (watch out for the light always on)

Bill, how much more do you spend on fridge and TV (watch out for the light always on)

Claudia Osmetti

They changed our lives. Because, until thirty years ago, we didn’t all have a dishwasher. And in fact we took turns, as a family, to escape the saucepans encrusted with sauce and dirty dishes. It’s up-to-you-not-to-you. Today, however, almost two out of ten Italians (ie 14.6%) cannot give up the automatic washing of forks and pots. But what impact, the appliances we have at home, on the bills (increasingly high) that we find in mailboxes or emails (and, incidentally: to download the bimonthly bulletin from the internet you need a computer on and connected to the network; are more money going away)? Not a little: the dishwasher, for example, which now has a fixed space in every kitchen, even in that of the grandmother, assuming an average consumption of once every two days, increases the cost of about 88 euros per year. A figure that, returning to the old sponge and detergent system, perhaps to the classic lemon flavor, could be saved, given that bloodletting is becoming an energy blow that also affects (above all) domestic users. Of course, the counterpart is that you have to be willing to do without the comforts of the modern era, it’s a question of balancing. The wallet on the one hand, comfort on the other.

Bills, here's who saves the citizens and how: ruinous Italian flop, a portal that compares prices and tariffs for any consumer good, together with the companies mUp Research and Norstat, has discovered that, in the first eight months of 2022, an average family in our country has already spent a good 776 euros and just to settle the bill for the light.

They are not pints. They are not because the first eight months of the year also include the summer period, in which the bulbs are used yes and no, the dryer is a waste of time (hang the clothes on the balcony and in half an hour you can collect them) and, if you go on vacation, the fridge just keeps running. Here, in fact, is the refrigerator. 61.7% of us consider it a fundamental tool, and yet it is also the one (apart from the air conditioner) that eats the most energy. Considering that it remains on all day and all year round, a medium class A model prior to 2021, that is one of the most popular, 350-liter models, impacts, per year, 142 euros on the cost of the bill. And then there is her, the queen of the house, the essential household appliance for 62.7% of Italians who, to go back to rinsing socks and underwear by hand, do not even want to hear about them: the washing machine, holy washing machine. With the basket for the colors, the program for the delicates, the softener and the quick rinse. Surprisingly, the washing machine raises bills costs less than the refrigerator (but more than the dishwasher): taking the usual class A model of 2020, considering 220 washes, for a consumption of 212 kilowatt hours, the centrifuge is worth 91 euros a year.

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Again, oven and television. The first (essential for 19% of us), if it is electric and is used once every two days, with a 70-liter load, costs us 62 euros; the second (only four out of ten Italians admit that they cannot live without it, and the percentage rises with the growth of the age group), assuming a daily use of four hours, with a 40-inch LCD screen, therefore a standard TV, not smart but not even with the scart adapter to recover the decoder, we increase the bill by 35 euros per year. A breath compared to the 232 (nothing else is worse) of the air conditioner which, among other things, is only activated in the hottest months, when outside it is a heat that gasps and sweats just to reach the remote control and press on . The hairdryer (here the statistics are from Selectra, another web company in the sector) used for 160 hours a year, or half an hour a day, makes us spend another 53 euros every twelve months; a microwave oven, same period of use, comes to 44 euros; the iron is worth 30; the vacuum cleaner, running 104 hours a year, another 35.

Finally, there is that red light fixed under the TV, which one does not even notice but should. She is always on, even at night. Starnd-by appliances, but also appliances and devices that solve a thousand problems for us, from cell phone chargers to the microwave timer that also acts as a clock, even weigh 8% of total consumption, at least according to a survey conducted by Abenergie (a renewable supplier) a few years ago: because it takes 220 kilowatt hours away, which is not a few. Just to understand, it has been calculated that, only in Italy, to cover that expenditure of energy to which we do not even pay attention, a medium-sized thermoelectric plant is needed. Tips to save on your bill? They are the same as always, but there is a lot that can be done: wash clothes at thirty degrees instead of forty, start the dishwasher only if it is fully loaded, turn off the TV LED when you go to bed, regularly defrost the refrigerator and freezer (it gains energy efficiency) and use energy-saving light bulbs.

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