Friends 21: Nunzio Stancampiano speaks for the first time about Cosmary Fasanelli: "Unexpected love .."

Friends 21: Nunzio Stancampiano speaks for the first time about Cosmary Fasanelli: “Unexpected love ..”

The young Sicilian dancer, one of the former protagonists of the twenty-first edition of Amici, interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini.

Among the protagonists of the twenty-first edition of Friends of Maria De Filippithe young man dancer originally from Catania, Nunzio Stancampiano was a guest on the program of Lorella Cuccarinitell me about yourself“.

Friends 21: Nunzio Stancampiano speaks for the first time about Cosmary Fasanelli: “Unexpected ..:”

On the occasion, Nunzio talked about the experience he had in the talent show and his current relationship with Raimondo Todaro:

With Raimondo I have many memories. I was very young when I went to dance school with him and he was the one who formed me both artistically and humanly. We always traveled together, we did everything. He always came after me. Once I was going to do the “German Open”In Germany (it is one of the most important competitions in the world). Basically we were waiting for the plane that was delayed and we decide to stay at the airport to chat. I have always had a phobia of the plane, I am still afraid of it now, and when I saw the old plane with the propellers I “panicked”. And he reassured me by saying: “Quiet, I’ll take care of it, get next to me“, Thinking of making me feel comfortable but I was panicking. And we baptized it as the journey of despair.

On Alessandra Celentanowith whom he had numerous squabbles, the Sicilian dancer said:

“I had a lot of fun with Celentano. I can’t say bad things because I really love her. People think I say it a lot, but it’s the truth. She is perhaps the one who gave me most of all, she gave me a lot. I’m someone who if you don’t stimulate me, can’t give the best of himself. So when she said those things to me, she put pressure on me, I went crazy. I was fighting. But she is a great woman, a great professional.! “

Beautiful words also for Maria De Filippi that for Nuncio was “like a mother: “

Maria she was like a mother to me. In there she really made me feel at home and for me home is the most important thing. I found in her the figure of a mother and she calmed me when I had my moments high. She logged in and explained to me why I had those moments. Maria has a talent. I hope she will continue like this also for the new class that will be formed. We guys need people like her, who are within everyone’s reach, simple.

The dancer also spoke of his former schoolmates with whom he has formed very deep bonds:

“I bonded with everyone, I continue to hear everyone. Mainly with Luca, Serena, Albe, Luigi, but I bonded with everyone a little. Even with Alex, I can’t say that I haven’t bonded. They are all good guys. Carola, today he wrote to me. We are in contact, see you.

Nunciowho in the course of an interview with very true had confessed to having a crush on a mysterious girl, was recently paparazzi with Cosmary Fanelli, the alumni of the school. In this regard, you stated:

“The crush of very true it is a closed chapter, a separate chapter. I don’t want to talk about love because I am skeptical, I was a bit skeptical on the subject but to date, for the experience I am living, I can tell you that it is beautiful that is everything is new, it is something greater than us unfortunately . When you love a person in life, I think there is nothing more beautiful and true. And above all it is even more beautiful when it is unexpected. When it comes out of nowhere you say “wait a minute” but you can’t control it. This is the situation.”

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