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rejected by a man because he quit Botox

In a recent interview, Sharon Stone revealed the absurd reason why she was rejected by a man, which is the considered choice not to resort to Botox anymore.

Who has never received a two of spades? Often, perhaps, accompanied by foolish and futile reasons that, even for a moment, have disheartened us and made us doubt our worth? It also happened to a film darling like Sharon Stone, which, however, tempered by much more serious vicissitudes, certainly did not get scratched and came out even more confident and aware. In fact, the diva recently posed for the cover of Vogue Arabia and, for the occasion, she shared with the journalist who interviewed her a interesting anecdote about his private life. According to what was told by the same Stoneit would seem that the actress was rejected by a younger man of her who did not willingly accept her decision to give us a break with Botox.

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Sharon Stone confesses: left by a man after quitting Botox

All of us, some more, some less, are perfectly aware of the enormous aesthetic pressures to which women are subjected during the course of their life, especially the famous ones, placed every day under the careful scrutiny of the public and, alas, even detractors. For this, one does not count the number of celebrities than to be able to hold up the weight of expectations and always return the best version of themselves, they resort to “help“, Sometimes with extreme outcomes and undesirable effects as in the case of Linda Evangelista. Also Sharon Stone in the past it has resorted several times to the help of hyaluronic fillers and botulinum toxincommonly known as Botox. However, following thestroke which struck her in 2001, theGolden Globe-winning actress for his performance in the film Casino by Martin Scorsese said enough of these treatments and preferred age naturally. A decision that we could define as courageous if placed in a society like the one we currently live in, based more on appearing than on being. However, some have turned up their noses at the resolution adopted by the Stone. This is a recent one flamefrom which it would be refused after quitting Botox injections.

During the interview with Vogue Arabiaof which it is the face of the month of September, Sharon Stone he takes a moment to talk about his relationship with cosmetic surgery and he can’t help but mention a strange vicissitude that happened recently. “I recently dated a man younger than me and one day he asked me if I would consider doing Botox“, Says the 64-year-old actress. Faced with this request, Stone immediately put his cards on the table and without any hesitation replied that” it would be really fantastic for both your ego and mine if you did “, for then clarify immediately that he would no longer have any intention of using it. A sequence of words that seems to have extinguished the passion between the two. The interpreter became famous for her role in Basic Instinct she explained, in fact, that she went out once again, after which attendance was abruptly interrupted due to the lack of interest shown by man in him. This episode brought the actress to an important conclusion: “If you don’t want to see me just for this, then please get out of my life.”

Because Sharon Stone said no more to cosmetic surgery

Always within the same interview, Sharon Stone explained what were the reasons that led her to say enough to ‘pricks’. The highlight that completely reversed her perspective on the thing and simultaneously her lifestyle was stroke which hit her on September 29, 2001 and for which she even has risked his life. “After the stroke”, says the actress with an open heart, “They had to give me over 300 doses of Botox and fillers to pull on one side of my face that was completely collapsed.” From that moment, in his eyes, cosmetic surgery has transformed from a form of “luxury” to “A kind of huge and painful neurological need”, thus pushing it to give us a definitive cut.


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“Never been so joyful”

However, despite illness and love disappointments, Sharon Stone never loses her smile and admits that this “is the most exciting and creative time of my life”. The actress has revealed, in fact, to feel “Really happy” and never had been “So joyful”. A state of mind that is also evident from the shot recently posted on social media, in which she shows herself in a bikini with a toned and healthy body and a beaming smile that not even the most sinister of the two of spades will be able to scratch.

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