MotoGP 2022. Andrea Dovizioso: “You can't accept that someone is better than you” - MotoGP -

MotoGP 2022. Andrea Dovizioso: “You can’t accept that someone is better than you” – MotoGP –

The 81st episode of #atuttogas, the Sunday podcast, is dedicated to Dovi, his last race in his career. In the podcast, online on starting from Sunday 4 September, Andrea shares with us emotions, exciting moments, disappointments, expectations. And so much more. #Thank you

September 2, 2022

S.We have reached the end of a very high level career, as confirmed by two statistics: for the moment, Andrea Dovizioso is the second rider to have won more races with Ducati (after Casey Stoner) e the third most successful Italian ever in 500 / MotoGP (after Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini). A very good driver, an exceptional guy: if you know him, it’s impossible not to love him. I’m thrilled to think it’s his last race, he’s not.

“I am calm, serene: I am pleased that what I have done in these 20 years of racing is recognized. I know not everyone recognizes my worth: I suffered from this for many years, for various reasons, but then I matured under this aspect, I worked on it. Since I was a child I have had a lot of pressure, but it came totally from me. My dad dreamed that I could become a great pilot, but it never made me feel anxious about it: I was competitive on my own. Then, as the years go by, you become less ruthless and aggressive, but you never accept that one is faster than you“.

S.on the last year in Yamaha: “It is clear that if you look at the results those who say I shouldn’t have come back are right, but everything that happens to you in life has a reason and somehow it always comes in handy to improve. Even an experience like this helps you to open your mind a little on some aspects ”.

In the podcast, Dovizioso explains why he stopped and Valentino Rossi, for example, continued until the end of the 2021 season (“He was afraid to stop, he would never stop”) and tells his life without MotoGP: “I have a great passion (motocross, nda) i am working on an interesting projectI’m mentally involved in something else: I think this makes a difference when you retire ”.

On the Ducati: “I don’t know how much of Andrea Dovizioso there is: many aspects have changed in the last two years, including the way he rides. It’s a different MotoGP from mine ”.

Naturally Andrea talks about his years with the Red: “Certainly very stressful: when you are the driver who brings home the best results for that manufacturer, but sometimes you perceive that according to someone you have not done well enough, it becomes more difficult”.

Two great rivals, for different reasons, of his career: Marco Simoncelli and Jorge Lorenzo: beautiful as Dovi describes this rivalry.

Then some rankings: the strongest opponent he fought with; the most beautiful victory (the answer is unexpected, at least for me); the most beautiful season; the biggest disappointment (here too the answer is surprising); the greatest satisfaction beyond the results; what will be missing from MotoGP and what will not be missing (very profound answer).

Who wins the world cup? Dovi wouldn’t bet more than 50 cents on …

Find out everything in the 81st episode of #atuttogasonline on and on the main podcast platforms starting from Sunday 4th September.

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