Relive the live – Serie B transfer market: the summer session ends


TRANSFER MARKET SERIES B – The summer transfer window 2022/2023 will officially close at 8 pm. A negotiation session that has given important and unexpected hits in the cadeterie, it is no coincidence that this will probably be one of the best seasons ever, given the quality of the protagonists on the field. Live with us the market negotiations until the final gong.

19.57 – OFFICIALBeard he was born in Pisa (read here)

19.57 – OFFICIALBari, Scheidler is the new striker (read here)

19.50 – OFFICIALSalcedo he was born in Bari (read here)

7.40pm – OFFICIAL – The Como strengthens in midfield here From Riva (read here)

19.39 – Prospect purchase for Bari: 2005 Akpa-Chukwu class blocked

19.34 – OFFICIALSchiattarella back to Benevento (read here)

19.32 – OFFICIAL – First experience in B per Ambrosino: he was born in Como (read here)

19.30 – OFFICIALPisahe arrives Gliozzi from Como (read here)

19.23 – OFFICIALFrosinonealso arrives Frabotta (read here)

7.15 pm – OFFICIAL – The Parma takes the young man Mikolajevski

19.05 – Pisa, Sibilli will remain in Tuscany (read here)

18.57 – OFFICIALAscolithere Adjapong (read here)

18.55 – OFFICIALCagliari, Walukiewicz is from Empoli (read here)

18.37 – OFFICIALComothere Vigorous for the door (read here)

18.36 – Marsura rescinds with Pisa: duel Sudtirol And Modena (read here)

18.31 – OFFICIALKaramoh let the Parma and goes to Turin (read here)

18.30 – OFFICIALPalermothere Claudio Gomes from Manchester City (read here)

18.15 – The Benevento on Schiattarella of the Parma: the latest (read here)

18.07 – OFFICIALPisathere I earn from Copenhagen (read here)

18.03 – OFFICIALRegginathere Hernani (read here)

17.54 – OFFICIAL – Blow Falcon for the Cagliari (read here)

17.44 – Cagliari, Desogus towards Pescara (read here)

17.42 – OFFICIALLollo from the Reggina alla Triestina (read here)

17.40 – It unlocks Falcon to the Cagliari (read here)

17.31 – Beard to the Pisa (read here)

17.29 – Anything Reggina for Ferrarini: goes to Monza (read here)

17.25 – Contract termination for Rabiu with the Modena

17.21 – Round of defenders at home Cagliari (read here)

17.13 – Reggiana-Cosenza axis: Hristov for Camigliano (read here)

17.10 – Regginawith Hernani also Praszelik (read here)

17.02 – OFFICIAL – Beneventothere Simy (read here)

16.52 – OFFICIAL – Palermo, Tow goes to Vicenza (read here)

16.49 – OFFICIAL – Reggina, Situm is from Catanzaro (read here)

16.45 – OFFICIAL – Fischnaller let the Sudtirol: it’s from Fermana (read here)

16.39 – Reggina, Lollo already out: there is the Triestina (read here)

16.37 – OFFICIAL – Perugiaofficial Bartolomei from Cremonese (read here)

16.35 – OFFICIAL – Cagliaritaken Veroli (read here)

16.31 – OFFICIAL – Sudtirolthere Crusade (read here)

16.28 – OFFICIAL – Palermothere I give you (read here)

16.25 – Updates BariPavoletti: there is the ok of Cagliari (read here)

16.23 – Possible resolution for Matarese of the Frosinone (read here)

16.18 – Como, Bovolon will go to Serie C (read here)

16.14 – Cosenzareinforcement in defense here Camigliano (read here)

16.13 – Pisamade for Gliozzi from the Como (read here)

16.06 – The Sudtirol hunting for experience: like it Ariaudo (read here)

16.05 – OFFICIAL – Regginathere Bouah (read here)

16.00 – Karamoh from the Parma to the Turin: the details (read here)

15.57 – The Cagliari probe Capradossi for defense (read here)

15.55 – The struggle continues for Beard: the Pisa surpasses the Cagliari (read here)

15.49 – Double shot Como: there Vigorous And From Riva (read here)

15.42 – Reggina always working for Ferrarini of Fiorentina (read here)

15.40 – Sensational idea for the Bari: eyes on Pavoletti (read here)

15.36 – OFFICIAL – The Bari yields De Risio to Monopoli

15.35 – OFFICIAL – Haoudi from the Frosinone alla Turris (read here)

15.34 – Touré del Pisa proposed to Cremonese (read here)

15.30 – Turn for Hernani: it is very close to the Reggina (read here)

15.29 – Gucher of the Pisa towards Pordenone (read here)

15.25 – Laurini let the Parma: agreement for termination (read here)

15.23 – The Como also takes Ambrosino from Naples (read here)

15.15 – Bari, Perrotta outgoing: there is Pro Vercelli (read here)

15.10 – OFFICIAL – Reinforcement in defense for the Terni: there Mantovani (read here)

15.08 – OFFICIALMontalto leaves Reggina: goes to Serie C (read here)

15.05 – Saladini announces: “We are trying everything to bring Hernani to Reggina” (read here)

14.52 – There Reggina closed for Bouah, Roma full-back (read here)

14.44 – The Pisa look for a striker: eyes on Benedyczak (read here)

14.25 – The Parma the young man yields Iselle at Fiorenzuola

14.20 – The Bari double hit: also Salcedo in attack (read here)

14.12 – The Modena lends Guiebre: goes to Reggiana (read here)

13.40 – Blow Sudtirol: there Crusade (read here)

13.24 – Leverbe back to Serie B: there is the Benevento (read here)

13.20 – Synergy Palermo-Manchester City: there Claudio Gomes (read here)

13.18 – The Pisa try it for Gliozzi (read here)

13.10 – Still many i names hanging in the balance a few hours from the end: the last (read here)

12.56 – Bariarriving Scheidler from the Dijon (read here)

12.53 – Cagliariit is insisted on Falcon (read here)

12.40 – Ascoli, Adjapong in Milan to sign (read here)

12.37 – Palermo, Tow go to Vicenza (read here)

12.23 – OFFICIAL – Ascolialso Beavers on loan to Siena

12.15 – PSB EXCLUSIVE – Contacts Varone-Südtirol: the point (read here)

12.06 – OFFICIAL – Samuele Angori on loan toEmpoli

11.55 – The Pisa takes young people Gaffi from Sampdoria and Tomljenovic from Wolfsburg

11.50 – The Modena try again for Sibilli (read here)

11.48 – Südtirolmade for the free agent Schiavone (read here)

11.25 – Barican come back into fashion Gytkjaer (read here)

11.15 – Cagliariunlocks Melchiorri for the attack (read here)

11.02 – OFFICIAL – Ascoli, De Paoli go to Siena borrowed

11.00 – OFFICIAL – Sum terminates the contract with Palermo

10.45 – Barigiven up Vergani. For the goal attack Salcedo (read here)

10.30 – Regginaultimatum a Hernani: the situation (read here)

10.21 – Südtirolchallenge the Modena for Marsura of the Pisa (read here)

10.18 – Regginadefined the deal Bouah (read here)

10.10 – Südtirolidea Masiello for defense (read here)

10.08 – Palermo, Ceppitelli reject destination (read here)

10.00 – Genoaidea Radu for defense (read here)

09.55 – OFFICIAL – Pabai terminates with the SPAL

09.53 – Bari And Terni contend Fiamozzi (read here)

09.48 – Pisaall-in for Beard: the last (read here)

09-42 – Bari, Celiento to the Cesena (read here)

09.26 – Bresciamarket closed despite the emergency in defense (read here)

09.20 – Reggina-Montaltoit’s goodbye: loan with obligation to Reggiana (read here)

09.17 – Cosenza, Gem me to Milan to place redundancies (read here)

09.12 – Parma, Benedyczak towards permanence (read here)

09.10 – Frosinone, Haoudi towards the loan to the Turris (read here)

08.50 – OFFICIAL Parma, Iacoponi on loan to Foggia

08.42 – Beneventomade for the loan of Simy (read here)

08.35 – Ternanaarriving Mantovani in defense (read here)

08.27 – Parma And Perugia on Tommaso Milanese (read here)

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