Stefania Sandrelli, from economic problems to those with Giovanni Soldati: "I would just like a caress"

Stefania Sandrelli, from economic problems to those with Giovanni Soldati: “I would just like a caress”

Stefania Sandrelli with an open heart. In an interview with the weekly Today on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival (the actress will participate for having starred in Corrado Ceron’s Acqua e Anice and where she will receive the Bianchi award), the great actress talked about herself like never before. During these two years, between covid and skipped work commitments, she had talked about economic difficulties and the need to work, but she had never tackled the issue of loneliness and sadness. The Roman actress confessed that she has been experiencing a crisis for years with her partner Giovanni Soldati.

Sandrelli made his first and important confession in relation to his work: “I have made more than a hundred films, television, theater, I have directed an opera. I enjoyed shooting “Acqua e Anice” immensely, but my professional life is about to end “.

Female actresses paid less than men

“I’m serene. I’m worried about something else – she adds and talks about the economic difficulties – If I stop working my standard of living will change. I have always been paid little, like all actresses. They take men. Besides, I’ve never made a movie for money, not even The Key, so they only gave me 50 million. Money has never interested me: it came, it went. If I stop working I should accept changes. home…”.

Stefania Sandrelli and Giovanni Soldati: their unhappy love

This is a difficult moment for Stefania Sandrelli: “Giovanni was ill, an illness made it difficult for him to walk and forced him to stay in hospital for a long time. Seeing him in such pain made me very weak. But that’s not all.”

“When he got sick we had long been tired of each other. I was distracted by other people, he probably too. We felt obliged to live together. The last few years with him have been years of renunciation”, Sandrelli and Soldati they have renounced affection, caresses.

The great actress confesses that last year Giovanni, after 40 years together, left home for a couple of months and “it was right”. Then the disease, the need for help. When “I saw him leave the hospital I was happy that he would come back to me. Against everything and everyone, including my children, who told me that nothing would change”. Whether Giovanni is happy Sandrelli doesn’t know: “He doesn’t give me this impression, not even now. Maybe he’s here because he’s only got me. And I’ve got only him”. Sandrelli in his telling of himself reveals that he is not living his 76 with serenity, he has serious shortcomings including not feeling important and not feeling loved, this makes her cry but specifies that Giovanni knows everything, but that it was time to tell it to others, a way to exorcise pain. Giovanni is the man she has always dreamed of, she continues to answer in the affirmative to those who ask her the question. “The confidence that exists with him I do not have it with anyone”. Sandrelli is not clear about what happened, but she puts some of the blame on herself: “Maybe he’s tired of being too demanding a woman, of being Sandrelli’s man. But I can’t help it, I can’t live it as a fault .. . And then next to Sandrelli there is Stefania. She has always been there “.

The journalist, Fiamma Tinelli, explains that at the end of the interview Giovanni Soldati entered the room to say hello. He walked with the help of a stick, smiling and joking, he gave credit for the beautiful house they live in to Stefania, to her excellent good taste, but Stefania asks him for a caress, he gives her a “clumsy pat on the cheek” and then explains : “I’m not good, I know. But I love this woman very much.”

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