Sassari, a new way of shopping, opens Tuttigiorni

Sassari, a new way of shopping, opens Tuttigiorni

The inauguration of Tuttigiorni in Sassari.

Today Mura Market together with Abbi Group of the Ibba brothersa Sardinian company that gives over 70 years operates in the large-scale distribution sector and is a partner of Crai Groupthey inaugurated a Sassari the new sign All days, based on an innovative omnichannel strategy that combines the digital and the physical. After the great success of Cagliariwhere in a couple of months the store of viale Poetto it has established itself as the supermarket of the moment, loved and frequented by thousands of customers every daythe right shopping also arrives in Sassari, in Predda Niedda, road 2.

Convenient and omnichannel, sustainable and attentive to the territory, the expense of All days does not include flyers or timed offers, thanks to the business model it maintains i always low prices every day, all year long. To this is added the incredible innovation of omnichannel, well represented by social eCommerce: an online space that not only allows you to make your purchases with the same convenience as the physicist and the convenience and speed of digital, but above all it allows a constant and direct dialogue between customers and the Company. A real revolution in the world of large-scale distribution.

In addition to the savings guaranteed by the model, the physical store has spaces with attention to detail, with a unique attention to the products and local producers, to the enhancement of the seasonality of raw materials, through a Green Corner where it is possible to always have seasonal fruit and vegetables, just cut, and fresh departments assorted with sustainability criteria and location.

The search for quality is evidenced by an oven made exclusively for Tuttigiorni da The Rose of tastesthe brand that offers only excellent products, designed by architects of taste and offered at an affordable cost. Special breads and delicious Spianate are all handcrafted with ancient grains and long hours of natural leaveningbaked three times a day in wonderful bakery on sight, exclusively for Tuttigiorni customers.

A supermarket attentive to tradition, to local and genuine products and at the same time completely modern, where the digital coexists with the physical, in which consumers will be able to live a unique experience by choosing where and how to buy and receive their shopping. Quick and easy online shopping is accompanied, in the physical store, Qr code and information that allow you to constantly keep the channel open with the social eCommerce the first and only one of its kind, where customers can find an online place designed to give value to experiences, al healthy and good food and to the convenience of every day, where it will be possible to communicate directly with local producers. Again, the practicality of the Choose & Go to proceed with a quick shopping through automatic readers that make technology an intelligent support for those who love to do the physical expense but he has little time to devote to you.

The convenience of a fair expense, tailored to what is really meant put in the shopping cartis further guaranteed by the incredible advantages of the Tuttigiorni Cardwhich allows you to accumulate points that can be spent indiscriminately in the physical store or in theeCommerceshopping and participating in online conversations.

Last but not least, the many services designed specifically to involve customers in the spirit of sustainability and collectivity leading the brand: from the eco-compactor to the 5 cent tribute for those who bring shopping bags from home through the trolleys recovered from the sea to help the environment; from the dedicated nutritionist available to customersat the coffee with the manager, available every morning for everyone, passing through cold drinks, ready-made cakes, opening until 11pm and many other small comforts, specially designed to share the pleasure of right expense in the right place.

“With Tuttigiorni we wanted to make the customer experience unique, customized and simplifiednot only for the commercial model that always offers low prices, but above all thanks to the innovative platform of social eCommerce our customers will be able to experience a continuous and interactive shopping experience, with a deep integration between physical and digital, ”he said Roberto Comollimanaging director of Heart of the Islandunderlining that the very concept of convenience extends and integrates with that of sustainability: the customer, without the flyer promotions, can only buy what he needs, avoiding waste and preferring local choices.

“With this second store our project continues to grow and create innovation in our territory. We are really happy to bring this innovative sales strategy to Sassari as well always puts the customer at the center of everything. The plans for the near future include an expansion of the distribution model with several new openings, ”he said Giangiacomo Ibbapresident of the Abbi Group.

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