L’IMBOSCATA – With Paredes Juve market of 10 (without praise), but the Rabiot problem remains. Milik-Vlahovic after Ibra-Trezeguet: Cheerful like Capello? Var, penalties and rigorini: maybe it was just “crap” …

Paredes has arrived. The Juve market is 10. There is no praise because a left-back has not arrived, where it would have been necessary to intervene. But with Paredes, Juve is assured of a midfielder who won’t get the ball between his feet. Madam got rid of Arthur over (fictional reality) at Liverpool. There remains Rabiot, who is not even playing badly. The problem is: who is playing next to Paredes today? The fear is that Allegri will opt for Locatelli and Rabiot excluding Miretti. So far he has always been one of the best, if not the best of Juventus. Rabiot will be released at the end of January and he will be able to sign for whoever he likes. And I’m curious in a few months to see who will offer Rabiot a salary of 10 million per season and a commission of 15 million to his mother Veronique. Rabiot will remain in the squad until June. But if one is to be sacrificed it must be him. Waiting for Pogba not Locatelli, certainly not Miretti. It remains to be seen which space Allegri will offer to Fagioli that he has remained in the squad. It would be mortifying to see him used only in the Italian Cup. It is destiny that Juve these days will always leave you a little bitter in your mouth. Veronica’s son stays and Zakaria flies to Chelsea. As if to say: last January we made a wrong investment. Too bad for me Zakaria, he liked him. The Duke (?) Rabiot evaporated 37.5 million (between failure to sell and his salary to be honored) from the coffers of Juve. But he stays. And he plays. He who had already asked to be sold last March. True, Arrivabene?

It is a championship in which it is easy to recover. From ninth, in a round, Juve found themselves third, albeit in cohabitation with others. Vlahovic is growing. My idea: to have Milik play in the middle as a mark and Vlahovic on the left to free his speed and the right of him. After all, Capello also played with two heavy strikers like Trezeguet and Ibra. Allegri, however, try to make them play better. If even a Spezia (with all due respect) comes to play the game at the Allianz, then the question is no longer just about players. The question is “to train.” Not just “to manage“.

“A hoax managed by mediocre”. Thus in the “Giornale” Tony Damascelli defined the Var commenting on the inexplicable decision of the referee not to grant a penalty kick to Sampdoria, which appeared sunny, even after having reviewed the images. Maybe it was just “crap”. There was an evident disposition not to give “certain penalties”. But without changing the rules. Now: I agree not to give certain penalties. They call them “rigorini” and the casuistry is endless. But calling them rigorini is nonsense. The penalty is either there or it isn’t. Since the beginning of the season, having the Italian category the straw tail (for years it had exaggerated making the commentators of half of Europe laugh with laughter), the usual Christian Democratic “way” was sought. The worst is that the coterie of former referees who play moviolisti on TV today has clearly made a pact of “non-belligerence” with former colleagues. They dispense “certainties” not exempt from “sympathies”. Like and more than some journalists.

For six years, as the distinguished Collina recalled from an idea of ​​his “and Gianni”, in the sense of Infantino, president of Fifa, the Var was born or the Var or as an accident (I still don’t understand) is called. Has he improved the situation? In some respects it has improved it. But the controversy has increased. Because in spite of the regulation there is no uniformity of judgment. Var to “call”. It is not clear why what is done in other sports should constitute an “outrage” to the “sovereignty” of football referees. My opinion: it is better to “insult them” than to be outraged by them.

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