Ita Airways, Lega and Fratelli d'Italia still hold back on sales to Air France and Certares.  The government wants to close before the elections - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ita Airways, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia still hold back on sales to Air France and Certares. The government wants to close before the elections – Il Fatto Quotidiano

New grumbles for the government’s decision on Ita Airways. “The Lufthansa option has been removed yes but nothing is written in stone. The new government will not accept an offer without employment guarantees for all Ita employees and without a very solid business plan “he said today Federico Freniexponent of the League and undersecretary of the Mef, speaking of the choice of the consortium led by Certares for the privatization of the company. “The final decision on the preliminary contract – he adds – will certainly be left to the new government”. Two days ago the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni he reiterated his position: “I remember that the current government should do the minimum things, since Parliament is formally dissolved, so I don’t think that such a strategic matter is the responsibility of this government. When I have the papers I will be able to pronounce myself ”.

The government has decided to enter into exclusive negotiations with Air France and the US fund Certares for the sale 51% of the company born from the ashes of Alitalia. A decision that surprised many observers who gave the competing consortium the advantage Msc-Lufthansa. The choice is in line with the orientation of the Ministry of Economy, owner of 100% of the company and with the position of the CEO Fabio Lazzerini. The other “party” of government led by the economic consultant of Palazzo Chigi Francesco Giavazzi and by the president of Ita Alfredo Altavilla he leaned towards the other solution. Now, however, he risks returning to the starting square after the election on 25 September and the appointment of the new government. Mario Draghi made the closing of the operation a point of honor, the preliminary contract will be signed before the elections. But this will not end the game for good.

“The Mef has done a serious and rigorous job. Starting over would be very bad, ”he said today Antonio Misiani of the Democratic Party). “Giorgia Meloni worries me when she wants to rewrite the path written by the Draghi government. I hope the 2008 film does not repeat itself. It was a disaster: billions burned by the ‘brave captains,’ she said. What is learned from the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando he would have urged during the Council of Ministers this morning to move forward with the option identified for the future of Ita Airways, underlining how important it is to prevent the state of relations that had been reached in industrial relations with the social partners from being damaged. “We asked for a meeting with the government to understand better the contents of the offer that the Mef has evaluated best, in time to put us in a position to evaluate the goodness of the offer. The work part cannot be a forgotten part or just staring at the window, there is a strong need to be involved in such an important process “, said the secretary general of Uiltrasporti, Claudio Tarlazzi.

The EU Commission is watching for now. “We have no specific comments to make” the spokesman said Daniel Ferrie, consulted in the daily briefing with the press on the sale of Ita. “When it comes to a possible acquisition, as always, the companies themselves must notify the merger control commission, if they constitute a concentration under the EU merger regulation, and if they have an EU-wide dimension”. Ryanair’s number one, on the other hand, did not take it well Michael O’Leary: “For me it was a shock that the tender for Ita did not go to Lufthansa, I think it’s a political thing “. According to the CEO of the Irish company “Lufthansa would have been a better partner for Ita than Air France-KLM and Delta”, added the top manager, underlining that “Air France poisons everything it touches” and that “they don’t even know manage your own company “.

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