Belotti: "The Giallorossi are my priority, all done in 72 hours. Rome, let's not limit ourselves: we can win them all" (VIDEO) - Roma news

Belotti: “The Giallorossi are my priority, all done in 72 hours. Rome, let’s not limit ourselves: we can win them all” (VIDEO) – Roma news

After the first minutes on the pitch with the Giallorossi shirt during the match against Monza, Andrea Belotti he also presents himself in front of the microphones of journalists. The press conference of the new striker of the Romein fact, it was staged today at 14:30 in Trigoria at the press room of the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center. Meanwhile, outside the ‘Gallo’ there were about 50 fans, all eagerly waiting for a shot or an autograph of the former Toro.

The press conference

Sky Sport: After six seasons in double figures, last year a little less well. How come?
Last year compared to other years I had a turbulent season, injuries, mostly accidental, not so muscular, and they kept me out more than in other seasons. It’s never easy when you start getting the condition and get hurt and then have to recover. It was an ups and downs, I played less.

Corriere dello Sport: What summer did you spend and what challenge is Roma?
I had a bit of a strange summer, because in general it was a bit particular on the market. It started later than usual. There have been many players who have remained free for a long time. My priority was Roma, I know I found an important project, a club with great ambitions and that was what I needed. I wasn’t looking for a contract that would protect me, but a project. Also knowing that there are strong players, like Abraham, but it is a stimulus for me. When you are in a great team everyone is strong, it stimulates me to do better.

Gazzetta dello Sport: What summer was it physically for you and how are you now?
It was a special summer. When I saw that the situation was going for a long time I hired an athletic trainer to train because I knew that the pre-championships had started and I had to be ready. In fact, I arrived here and did two training sessions and then I played, I can say that physically I am fine. It will take time to refine the team mechanisms, what the coach asks. I’m available, I just have to work.

I read: You find a Roma first in the standings, you will have seen the enthusiasm that is around. In an anomalous championship, can you do more than 4th place?
Yes, it’s a strange championship, but I see it as an opportunity for players who don’t go to the World Cup to get in condition right away, because then there will be many matches. Everyone will be needed. I think the goal is to win game by game, that has to be the main thing. From the first day I felt the desire there is to win, even just in training. It is a message that must always pass, Roma can win them all. Then where we will arrive we will see, we must not set limits.

Il Romanista .: When did the Rome opportunity arise?
In July there was an interest, but the Roma attackers’ park was full. In the last week the manager has been informed a bit, he asked us if we could wait 72 hours to decide and I immediately gave availability. After these 72 hours the director called back and expressed his will, in two or three days everything was done. I saw the Circo Massimo party and it was very beautiful.

Tele Radio Stereo: After so many years you come to play at Roma and you are not sure of the ownership, how you live this situation and what a feeling it gave you to find Dybala.
I see the situation with Abraham more as an opportunity to improve myself, to grow. I know you are a great striker, and that inspires me to do more day after day. We met with Paulo and it was nice to find him again but the first words were more the path we took. We left Palermo together, we were both in Turin but in opposite teams and then we found ourselves here. The first thing we noticed was our growth path, now we have reached a level of personality and maturity that leapt to our eyes.

RomaMedia: On a personal level, what feelings did the welcome given to you by the stadium give you?
Magical. It was nice to experience everything that happened, I was waiting and I could hear the fans looking for me. From there it was like feeling people’s affection on the skin. When I walked in, I didn’t expect to catch so many people. It is one thing to hear it, another to see it. It was great to experience their incitement, the atmosphere, the anthem, it was like living a dream. If I had scored it would have been perfect. BUT it was still unforgettable.

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