Toyota Sienta-Fiat Panda (1)

Toyota unveils the new car that looks like the Fiat Panda

Toyota in recent days announced the start of sales of its Sienta minivan, which this year has been completely redesigned in Japan. The car was first launched nearly 20 years ago, in September 2003, as a vehicle offering the convenience of a minivan, with a spacious cabin and seating for seven passengers, and a compact body.

Each generation of Toyota Sienta has been a solid support for families, always staying close to them and bringing a deep understanding of the changing needs of customers since the first generation. This design consideration has earned driver loyalty and passenger admiration.

The new generation of Sienta: the Japanese Panda

The development team once again considered customer feedback and opinion for the realization of the new Sienta model. And, as you can see from the images, what came out is a minivan that looks like a large Fiat Panda. Incredible? Maybe, but it’s the reality.

To meet customer needs, Toyota has designed the new Sienta while preserving its length – easy to manage – and also the latest safety and security features, fuel economy and affordable price, adding further improvements to the interior space.

The team ensured that the interior is suitable for travel for up to seven adult occupants, without changing the length and width; Toyota Sienta is the ideal companion for traveling with family and friends, which adapts perfectly to the lifestyle of the customers. The second row seats have been redesigned to offer a larger and more comfortable space for both legs and head. The car then adopts a renewed 1.5 petrol engine which, combined with a CVT-type automatic transmission, guarantees average consumption of 18.4 km / l in the mixed cycle, thus reaching a good level in terms of fuel economy and excellent driving performance; state-of-the-art functions have been added as regards the safety and protection of the occupants.

The design and the comfort

The exterior design provides ample cabin space and good vehicle maneuverability, the Japanese Fiat Panda (the similarity is striking) it also boasts the presence of large windows, which offer good visibility and ease of driving. For the bodywork, the customer can choose between seven different colors and also the two-tone variants Scarlet Metallic and Greyish Blue combined with the dark gray roof.

Inside, the chosen solutions expand the fun use of the car and create a comfortable space in the cabin. The dashboard is made of thin and light fabric, the seamless connections from the front edge of the upper section to the belt lines of the left and right door give a greater sense of breadth. The car is full of drawers, pockets and drink holders, with nice and useful pictograms to suggest which objects to insert in the various storage spaces.

Also noteworthy is the presence of the device wireless charging for smartphones, as well as USB sockets for passengers located behind the headrests, pockets for mobile phones, sun shades integrated in the doors and an electrical socket for connecting computers or other devices.

In short, in this new version of Toyota Sienta so similar to our Fiat Panda – the best-selling car, always at the top of the rankings – nothing is missing.

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