Semiconductor crisis, the new health cards no longer have the microchip: here's how to continue using the old ones

Semiconductor crisis, the new health cards no longer have the microchip: here’s how to continue using the old ones

TRENTO. The first health cards without a chip are arriving in Trentino. The worldwide shortage of semiconductors, the raw materials necessary for the production of electronic components, has forced the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) to replace part of the expiring cards with new cards without a microprocessor.

The Province announces it: the chip is required for the use of the health card also as a National Service Card (Ts-Cns) or Provincial Service Card (Ts-Cps) in Trentino and the online services of the public administration. To remedy the problem, the government has extended the validity of the expiring health card, as a digital identity, until December 2023. In Trentino, over 18,000 citizens use the chip card for online services.

The extension operation must be carried out before the deadline on the dedicated online portal.

The new chip-free card fully fulfills its main functions: to act as a tax code, to guarantee access to the services of the national health system and to allow access to health care in the European Union. In Trentino, just over 18,000 citizens use the health card for digital services, compared to over 220,000 who prefer Spid, the new Italian digital identity.

“The citizens of Trentino – writes the Province – who will receive the new health card without the microchip (TS) they will be able to continue to use the previous one with microprocessor until 31 December 2023 (TS / CPS), activated in the past, even if the validity date has already expired on the front.

This is to allow citizens to continue to use digital services on institutional portals of the public administration for which access with a digital identity is required. As mentioned, in Trentino there are over 18,000 citizens who currently use the chip card for online services. Most of the Trentino people, over 220 thousand users, prefer the Spid system, which can be used from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Digital services concern, for example, health care (medical records), school (enrollments and electronic register), land registry, public grants, competition registrations, registration in the online business directory, payments to public administrations. As mentioned, all accessible both with a health card with chip and with Spid.

How to extend the expired health card with chip (TS / CPS).

First of all, it should be emphasized that the extension operation must be carried out before the expiry of the old TS / CPS card.

The procedure for extending the authentication certificate of the previous health card with microchip is available online.

Once you have entered the portal, you will have to follow the instructions for any software adaptation and have the Pin and Puk of the expiring health card at hand. The two codes were delivered to the user at the time of the first activation of the TS / CPS card and can in any case be retrieved at the counters in the area that deal with assistance. At the bottom you can find the link with information and the list of branches in Trentino.

Once the checks and adjustments have been carried out, the citizen can proceed with the reading of the card thanks to the smart card reader. The system, having recognized the document, enables the extension of the validity of the card by selecting the “Renew” button. The procedure involves the acceptance of the privacy policy, the insertion of the Pin and Puk codes.

Once registration is complete, the previous health card with chip (TS / CPS) can be used, only for online public administration services, until the end of next year “.

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