The study: electric cars cause more collisions

The electric cars are destined to become the means on which the mobility of the future will be based, especially after the farewell to internal combustion engines by 2035. The electric today is still very present on the roads of Italy, with more and more motorists who have decided to focus on increasingly sustainable vehicles for the environment. Increasing the number of electric vehicles, of course, inevitably also increases the number of claims involving these cars which, however, unlike those with thermal engines, are much more present in the list of accidents recorded in the last year. But why?

Electric cars, how many accidents

The French insurance company AXA presented the data on accidents involving electric cars, which in a research showed how these vehicles, in 2022 alone, caused 50% more collisions with own damage than those with heat engine. The numbers of electric vehicles on the total fleet in circulation are still too low to be able to clearly and unambiguously compare the data on accidents of traditional motor cars, but in its study AXA tried to explain the reasons that caused such a high number of battery-powered car claims (here we talked about the incredible data on accidents in Italy).

According to the thesis of the insurance company, in fact, the “electric motorists” would be surprised by the power and acceleration of the cars enough to easily lose control. Indeed, due to the greater weight and the burning shot, the drivers they would not have gotten used to the “shot” yet that electric cars give when starting the movement on the street.

From the study, therefore, a clear suggestion emerges: introduce specific driving courses to train motorists at the height of the electric transition. In fact, switching from a traditional car to an electric one is not easy, as it is the feeling behind the wheel is different. Michael Pfäffli, Head of Accident and Prevention at AXA, pointed out that most of the interviewees for the research said they were caught off guard by the type of braking of the electric car due to the heavier weight compared to a thermal engine vehicle.

AXA, a study to help the houses

The research presented by the French insurance company AXA then analyzes what are the typical damages suffered by an electric car in the event of an accident. According to the analysis, one of the critical parts of the medium would be the underbody. A real weak point of the electric four-wheeler, in fact, the lower part is easily damaged even just by passing on traffic islands, but also if hit by stones. While at the front, rear and side there are additional protections that protect the battery from damage, the Achilles heel is precisely the lower part of the car that is damaged several times even in small bumps (but is the electric car worth it? Here’s how much you save).

The results of the research, in addition to giving an overall picture of the accident situation on board electric cars, allow AXA to knock on the door of the manufacturers of battery vehicles to try to make improvements to the final product. The researchers, in fact, data in hand have suggested to the builders of do not underestimate the danger resulting from damage to the underbody, suggesting adequate protection perhaps through a titanium plate or high-strength material. The company also received the recommendation to the Euro Ncap, the European program for the evaluation of new car models, to introduce another crash test scenario for verification of lower stability.

And speaking of insurance, we must be careful with claims because in recent months TPL cars have also risen in price and insurance policies can play tricks on motorists.

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