Eleni Schwarzbach, Tempesta d'amore © ARD/Christof Arnold

Storm of love, casting news: ELENI, daughter of Alexandra (and Christoph?) Arrives

The news on the casting front continue! After the announcement of the return of Valentina Saalfeld (Aylin Ravanyar), it was in fact recently announced a new character destined to enter the cast of the eighteenth season of Love storm. That’s who it is!

Storm of love, German episode previews: Eleni arrives at the Fürstenhof

Valentina and Eleni, Tempest of love ARD Christof Arnold
Valentina and Eleni, Tempest of love © ARD / Christof Arnold

After the Saalfelds and the von Thalheimes, a new family will dominate the scene in the next season of Love Storm: the Schwarzbachs! Shortly before his departure from the scene Ariane (Viola Wedekind) will in fact sell her shares in the Fürstenhof to a company owned by two well-known personalities Christoph Saalfeld (Dieter Bach): Alexandra (Daniela Kiefer) e Markus Schwarzbach (Timo Ben Schöfer).

As we have amply anticipated, Alexandra was engaged for a long time to Christoph, who suddenly left her to marry the very rich Xenia. Hurt and humiliated, the woman found consolation in the arms of Markus, a close friend of Christoph’s who had always been in love with her. Well, not only did the two get married, but soon a little girl arrived: Eleni.

Since then, the idyll of the Schwarzbach family has never been disturbed… at least until now! When Alexandra and Christoph meet again, in fact, their old feelings will re-explode. A love triangle with unpredictable consequences will therefore take shape between the two former lovers and Markus… and it will be then that Eleni will suddenly appear at the Fürstenhof!

Spoiler Storm of love, German news: Is Eleni the daughter of Christoph?

Alexandra and Christoph in love, Storm of love ARD Christof Arnold
Alexandra and Christoph in love, Storm of love © ARD / WDR / Christof Arnold

Growing up with the weight of high expectations towards her, the girl never wanted to disappoint her parents and therefore agreed to study economics with the idea of ​​one day leading the family company.

After completing her studies and having dedicated herself to a humanitarian project in Namibia, Eleni will therefore arrive at the Fürstenhof to fulfill her destiny and take over the company. But it will be in these circumstances that she will finally open her eyes to her parents: they are not the kindhearted people she thought, but ruthless businessmen!

And that’s not all! The official advances in fact suggest that Alexandra could already be pregnant when she began a relationship with Markus: if this were confirmed, Eleni would therefore be biologically daughter of Christoph! An eventuality that would change all the cards on the table …

Love storm, casting news: Dorothée Neff plays Elena Schwarzbach

Dorothée Neff plays Elena Schwarzbach
Dorothée Neff plays Elena Schwarzbach © Katja Kuhl

The character of Elena Schwarzbach will be interpreted by Dorothée Neff, a truly multifaceted German actress born in 1988. Before pursuing a career as an actress, in fact, she trained in the fields of music and psychology in Germany and the United Kingdom. Despite her young age, the young performer has already taken part in numerous television and theater productions, but she also works as a singer and copywriter.

Dorothée Neff’s entry into The Storm of Love as Elena Schwarzbach is slated for episode 3910, which is scheduled to air in Germany on 11 October. And everything suggests that this character will keep us company for a long time. We close with the words of the actress herself about her character:

Eleni loves challenges and knows how to be a conscientious and disciplined person, like when she joins the family business. She is fun-loving, self-confident and direct, but always respectful of others. She only becomes stubborn when her voice is ignored. Eleni knows what she wants or at least this is what she has always believed until now …

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