In Norway, Tesla customers go on hunger strike against Musk

In Norway, Tesla customers go on hunger strike against Musk

Apparently infuriated by the poor build quality, a group of Tesla owners wanted to attract the attention of Elon Musk in this way.

The hunger strike it is normally associated with noble causes and, without bothering Mahatma Gandhi, even in modern times, the activists who have chosen this extreme form of protest they did it to raise public awareness about issues of great impact.
Not the case with a group of Norwegian owners of Teslawho, at the end of August, opted for a 24-hour fastinglooking in this way of attract media attention and make their known dissatisfiedor about some car characteristics of the US brand.

Poor construction quality at the base of the protest

The group went on a hunger strike to give a voice to the numerous complaints of Tesla owners, including Difficulty starting from cold and doors blocked by ice (objectively typical problems of the Nordic countries), but also more general issues ranging from swelling of the seat covers And water infiltration in the luggage compartments until’yellowing of the edges of the touchscreen onboard. Discomforts that, at first glance, do not seem to be among those capable of shaking a nation.

Customer service is also under fire

The protest then expanded, with other Tesla customers complaining problems during the charging phaseone shorter battery life compared to what was promised and the new charging stations that they are not compatible with older models, in spite of the slogan free recharge for life. There spark which set fire to the minds (and fortunately not the cars, given the various cases recorded over the years) it seems to have been the lack of assistance received in authorized workshops and a certain one on the run from Tesla customer serviceaccused of forcing long waits on the phone or even not answering at all.

An appeal to Elon Musk

There Norway one of the countries in the world to have embraced the switch to electric vehicles with more conviction and, as the protest group points out, its population owns more Tesla per capita than anyone else in the world. Erlend Mrc, the spokesperson (who does not currently own a Tesla) has launched a ultimatum to the founder of the automaker: Now that the strike is over I hope Tesla will listen… in their own interest because if too many people experience these problems, other automakers will be ready to take their place.

The response on Twitter

The owners of the 17 Tesla who composed the word Help in the photos posted on Twitter, although it seems that others showed up to support their protest. However, it is unclear whether the event actually attracted the attention of Elon Musk or it was just a coincidence, the fact is that the CEO of Tesla he tweetedon the day of the end of the hunger strike, extolling the benefits of intermittent fastingarousing theindignation of Mr. Mrc, but probably tearing a laugh to all who in this each other they saw obvious traces of futility.

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