Da 0 a 10: la bugia su Ronaldo, la cura shock di ADL per Meret, l

From 0 to 10: the lie about Ronaldo, ADL’s shock treatment for Meret, Osimhen’s cancellation and Spalletti’s real fault

Napoli sticks to Maradona: ends 1-1 with Lecce with Spalletti’s excessive turnover. Well Ostigard, very bad Ndombele.


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Zero ideas. There was a point in Naples-Lecce where it seemed to travel on a train without tracks, with no idea and little desire to direct one’s destiny. Like a hamster spinning in its own wheel, a hideous feeling of déjà vu for the points thrown away at last year’s Maradona against the small ones. A nightmare.

One rhythm, always the same, staid: like those social dance instructors who do the same step on any music, who also dance the Hully gully on Another brick in the wall. And while this lazy first half went by, the thought traveled to the metronome of this team sitting on the bench: Lobotka like Fausto Leali: “I miss you, I can pretend to be fine but I miss you ‘. The only one who can play in Stan’s place, in terms of characteristics, is only Stan. At most, adapting it, Zielinski. The others don’t.

Two draws, like two steps back we hope to take a run towards an even longer jump. It is a Naples to be forged, in the head and in the legs, in the conviction of taking a new path and leaving behind the inconsistencies, the controversies, the farewells of a summer of 1968, however revolutionary. Between the points in common of the equal of Florence and the 1-1 with Lecce one difficulty in creating clear scoring chances. Spalletti thinks about it.

Three words: nothing concrete. Giuntoli, as an old buccaneer of the market, puts out the fire Cristiano Ronaldo. But there was something, and how if there was. Jorge Mendes tried in every way to weave the canvas, but like Penelope he always lost a piece after reaching a certain point. The race with Lecce, the thought of one with Ronaldo’s personality made him travel, imagining once again someone who would take this Napoli in the midst of his fears and ferry him out of the greatest enemy of these years: himself .

Four minutes after the amnesia advantage, the second, which weighs like a boulder swan. First the penalty provoked, then the unacceptable freedom granted to Colombo: Ndombele is Mephistophelic for the scenic choice of timing to stab the team. Like oil and water, the Frenchman never mixes with teammates wandering like a free body in the flow of the race. He was damn right Walter White: “The soul … is always a question of chemistry”.

Five to Giacomino, the most awaited man. Which also induces Spalletti to change form, a flicker of greater freedom that turns out to be suffocating. Raspadori flounders, there between the lines, never really understanding where to position himself, how to interact with his teammates. Imprisoned, inside a suit that has yet to feel about him. “If you break stones in the morning, you dig holes in the afternoon; if you dig the holes in the afternoon, in the morning you break the stones ”. Chained.

Six changes: a lot. Act of extreme presumption by Spalletti, or lucid unconsciousness, for the coach who later tells us that the players needed time to get to know each other. Didn’t he know? We all knew that putting all these rookies on the pitch like sticks to play in Shanghai was an uncalculated risk. Any excess, whether it is prudence or recklessness, always presents a large bill to pay. If it is true that “Success is the ability to pass from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm”, it is better to think immediately of Lazio. And re-present the best team. This Napoli is making the mistake of thinking too much about tomorrow.

Seven on the back, the flicker of the goal but the emblem of some difficulties. He is quick Elmas in the leg of the illusory advantage, but its position in the field still arouses some perplexity. Spalletti inserts him ‘to cover Ndombele’, but this ends up taking away the amplitude of the maneuver and putting Napoli in the same dead end with every attacking action. Widening the field against a team that defends itself with many men was a dogma not to be disavowed.

Eight points in four days: no disaster, but the course needs to be corrected. Indeed, to be set. We must understand why the vertical kick in Spalletti’s head remains a discontinuous concept, with a stammering application in front of opponents who allow little space. One perceives, as happened last year, the fear of a score that does not contemplate alternative solutions, with a conductor too in love with himself to evaluate new musical contaminations.

Nine touches in the first half. Osimhen is abandoned and abandons himself, like a pebble on the beach that lets itself be guided by the current. The fault of Victor and the fault of the team, of a system that for 90 ‘never allows him to take advantage of his characteristics. More isolated than Pablo Escobar in Narcos who awaits other types of supplies, the Nigerian has to be content with throwing himself into some melee in the center of the area, never finding his best friend: space. If you don’t exploit Osimhen for what are his qualities, you hurt Osimhen and also Napoli. Devastating player, but one-dimensional in all his overflowing physical exuberance.

Ten on the last day of the market, which will put an end to the most insistent summer hits of a piece of Fedez. On the night that Navas fades, Meret he starts to save a penalty (made to retort): then they say that the stars are just watching. A very bad, really bad management of a situation that now finds its definitive turning point: Alex stays and renews. And the club will have to be good at making people feel that trust never really perceived by this guy who played until last night with the ‘Provisional’ sign attached to his back. De Laurentiis she takes the risk of giving the door to a guy who knows perfectly well that he is not the first option. A time bomb placed in the center of the living room. Perhaps, to stimulate a reaction, the boy needed an emotional shock. Napoli has chosen to let him spend the summer as a precarious one: time will tell …

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