Le pagelle del Bologna - Skorupski e Sansone errori che pesano. Arnautovic si salva col rigore

The report cards of Bologna – Skorupski and Sansone errors that weigh. Arnautovic saves himself with a penalty – TUTTOmercatoWEB.com

Skorupski 5 – When he is called into question in the first half he is always present and also defuses a pious of dangerous attempts by Salernitana. In the second half he is rarely called into question, but when Candreva kicks at the net in the final he makes an unforgivable mistake by giving the ball to Dia for an easy draw.

Soumaoro 6 – Important performance of the defender who appears concentrated and attentive even managing to dirty a Coulibaly ball that could have been really dangerous. He asserts his physique when needed, keeping a complicated client like Bonazzoli at bay who only has opportunities from a distance.

Medel 6 – Usual defense wise guide. In spite of his height, he knows how to assert himself even on high balls and directs the defensive movements with great experience with an eye to the setting from below, but without disdaining the long ball for the tips when needed.

Locumì 6 – A small slip in the middle of the second half, but otherwise appears to be growing compared to the debut and more and more in tune with his teammates. Physically solid

Kasius 6 – Sinks a little in his lane, but holds Bradaric well and gives him the minimum. Good leg and high attention in defense, but he needs to improve in the attacking phase. From 45 ‘De Silvestri 6 – Enter and close to the goal of the head advantage, but misses the goal. Then he plays a diligent race on the right without treble, but also without errors.

Dominguez 5.5 – Opaque race in the middle of the field, he never manages to change the pace of the action and only shows up at times by playing a match without rings. From 80 ‘Aebicher 5.5 It does not change the score in the middle and is too soft in the closures in defense.

Schouten 6 – Usual race in which one sees little, but is felt especially in the breaking phase. In the second half he falls a bit like the whole team, but always tries to keep the center of gravity of the team away from the penalty area, even if partially succeeding.

Cambiaso 5.5 – Mazzocchi is a bad customer and he struggles to stem it by making himself jump too easily on some occasions calling Lucumì to overtime. Compared to his colleague on the opposite side, he attacks more, but without churning out crosses or really dangerous balls. From 45 ‘Lykogiannis 5.5 – Come in and the situation on the wing does not change. Little proactive forward, little determined behind in line with his latest releases at both Bologna and Cagliari last year. Miahjlovic at least expects experience from him in certain situations, but is also lacking in this juncture.

Vignato 5 – Another interlocutory competition in a role that should be his. He starts on the trocar and builds little, showing himself a bit light. He then climbs as a mezzala, but the result does not change and he never turns on the light showing those qualities that everyone recognizes, but which too often remain hidden on the pitch. From 45 ‘Soriano 5 – He starts well going close to scoring, but it’s just a blaze in the midst of the usual subdued performance and far from that player who deserved the blue a couple of seasons ago. He never turns on the light and limits himself to the homework without ringing. Bologna needs another Soriano to dream of a peaceful salvation in line with the last few seasons.

Samson 5 – He is probably the most active of the rossoblù attack with his shots in depth, but precision and nastiness are not on his side. Especially sensational the mistake in the first half when alone in front of Sepe he shoots at the goalkeeper. In the second half he has the merit of earning the penalty. from 73 ‘Orsolini 5.5 – Some flicker in the middle of a second half that gives little or nothing. In the end he remained on the market in Bologna for a long time, but now he has to prove something more even in a position, like the second striker, which is not exactly in his ropes.

Arnautovic 6 – Snatch enough for the goal of the advantage that is almost worth the first win of the season. For the rest of him is a generous performance, but with few rings. A senseless pass in the middle of the second half cried out for revenge when the Austrian could kick at the net and look for the 2-0 that would have put the game on ice.

Mihajlovic 5 – He chooses youth at the beginning and is not rewarded with performances below sufficiency, so he decides to put in the experience and the move seems to pay off. But the team still appears lacking in ideas and above all without that nastiness and that bite that would be needed to make certain races their own. Eventually he comes out with a spot that leaves a bad taste in his mouth. It also appears unloaded on a motivational level, but this is nothing new.

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