RIVIVI DIRETTA - Sampdoria - Lazio, Sarri: "Ora conta più la prestazione che i punti". E sul mercato...

RELIVE LIVE – Sampdoria – Lazio, Sarri: “Now the performance counts more than the points”. And on the market …


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There Lazio does not go beyond the draw at Ferraris against the Sampdoria. At the goal of Property replies, at 45 ‘, that of Gabbiadini. At the triple whistle the result is 1-1. The biancoceleste is a naive team, which keeps the result in the balance until the end, failing to take the double advantage. The goal of the Sampdoria equalizer is a real joke. In a few minutes Maurizio Sarri will speak at the press conference. On Lalaziosiamonoi.it the direct written:

What happened in the last few minutes?

“Nothing, we postponed two crosses, nothing major happened. We opened up on a ball that was not totally in our possession and we paid for it. The team played a good game, they came here, they conceded little. created a lot. The only complaint is that he had 6-7 situations to close and in those situations he gave the feeling of affectation and not malice. For the rest he played a serious game “.


“He’s fine, he has great qualities. There are two reasons for needing some time: definitely a temperamental aspect, he’s an introverted guy. And then he used to play three-handed, it takes a bit of time. He’ll be an important pawn. for the future of Lazio, and I’m not talking about a long-term future “.

Particularly nervous in the second half?

“No, no. The only thing that bothered me was the heat. It seemed to me that Lazio were in total control of the game, perhaps too much. And I would not like this to have led them to save energy in view of Napoli and not to close the game tonight. I leave comforted, not worried. “

Continuity, the last step missing?

“At the level of mentality, the team was there, focused, determined, motivated. We lacked malice, not the head. These were the match rankings in which we didn’t even go on the pitch and we lost 3-0. S mentality level, the answer I wanted “.

Felipe and Romagnoli?

“Romagnoli had this cramping sensation in a flexor. And with this muscle hardening, it became annoying to play every minute more. Felipe has a dry cut, they put five stitches on him. in three days “.

Disappointment with the result of the team?

“We didn’t deserve this result and the draw took it in the 93rd minute, it’s right that the team comes out with a lot of piss. If I have to remain lucid and judge the 95 minutes, I have to talk about different things. I’m disposing of now, the inca *** tura was also mine “.


“What the fuck are you doing? I hear little about football, about the transfer market a lot. 85% of you will be unemployed from tomorrow. Gifts? I didn’t even believe in Santa Claus, I expect little from everyone. I’m happy with the guys I have , the only thing we can lack is a left foot winger. The president knows it well. The guys who are there, are young, they give the feeling that they can become fundamental for us. “

More serene or angry?

“When you are poor when you are young and then you become rich, you always look to who is richer than you. This is my feeling, I am happy with a minimum of fuss. With 34 games to play, feelings count more. positive compared to leaving us a point. Maybe you come here, have a horrible game and take away a 1-0. You’re happy with the three points, but you pay for it. If it were the penultimate game it would be dramatic. Right now the performance counts more that points “.



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