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Eurospin assumes all the requisites required to apply: do not waste any more time

Eurospin hires and there are many people who are applying to join the company. To do this, certain requirements must be met.

Eurospin recruitment –

A great news with the Eurospin it hires new staff and you could be the ideal candidate. To enter a company in continuous growth it is necessary to meet the fundamental requirements required. Let’s see together everything there is to know.

Eurospin assumes: figures and areas concerned

Eurospin assumes new figures and new sales staff throughout Italy. The company is in strong expansion, for this reason the well-known Italian group of large-scale distribution has decided to open applications for certain figures who can meet the requirements they sought.

The selections are currently active and there are many open positions, in every part of Italy. As mentioned, this is one fast growing company as well as the entire food discount sector and that is why it is necessary to strengthen the team to meet the needs of the end customer.

To give an example, in these months of July and August 2022 there have been new openings in the province of Turin, in Agrigento and also in Caltanisetta, adding the next ones in the province of Lecce – Padua – Verona and Forlì.

Eurospin recruitment

L’increase in personnel it does not only concern the aforementioned branches but all of Italy. The company’s new jobs are available in Lombardy – Marche – Piedmont – Umbria – Lazio – Campania – Sardinia – Puglia – Friuli Venezia Giulia and so on.

Recruiters are ready to interview interesting subjects to various indispensable roles for the management of the various points of sale, from checkout operations to the arrangement of goods and customer support.

The Eurospin hires for Sales Employees are active in many points of sale including:

  • Cornedo Vicentino (VI)
  • Acquapendente (VT)
  • Cassano D’Adda (MI)
  • Granarolo dell’Emilia (BO)
  • Arenzano (GE)
  • Muggia (TS)
  • Chiari (BS)
  • Bellinzago Lombardo (MI)
  • Volpago del Montello (TV)
  • Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)
  • Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN)
  • Chiampo (VI), Corbetta (MI)
  • Fabriano (AN)
  • Fiorenzuola d’Arda (PC)
  • Forlì (FC)
  • Broni (PV)
  • Brugherio (MI)
  • Cairate (VA)
  • Casale sul Sile (TV)
  • Castel San Giovanni (PC)
  • Formigine (MO), Gallipoli (LE)
  • Gioia del Colle (BA)
  • Gualdo Tadino (PG)
Job interview

And many others still throughout Italy. That’s not all, in fact there are also open positions for seasonal sales activities in Siniscola (NU) – for those belonging to protected categories L.68 / 99 in Foggia – Barletta Andria Trani – Lecce and province, part time positions in Bologna – Lugo (RA) – Cremona and also Milan in the Baggio area.

Requirements and where to send the application to work at Eurospin

In order to enter the company, the sales people they must be people with a desire to work in shifts, reliable, concrete and serious at work. In addition, they will need to have a natural predisposition for customer contact and strong empathy. There is no lack of qualities of interest for the GDO sector and relational ones that emphasize a relaxed relationship with staff and also with customers.

As anticipated, Eurospin asks for the possibility of working shifts and holidays with residence in the areas adjacent to the place of employment, preferably by car. In some cases, recruiters also evaluate previous experience in similar roles.

Working at the supermarket
Working at the

Applications can be sent directly through the company’s official website, by consulting the page dedicated to recruiting WORK WITH US. From this point it will be possible to deepen the current open positions and the hiring areas.

Just fill out the form answering various questions and attach the updated CV, awaiting a response from the Company.

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