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Albano: “together again”, the long-awaited return. The great news has arrived

For Al Bano the great return is about to take place, which we all expected. At this point it’s a matter of time. They will find each other again after years of being away: we are talking about a beautiful presence, long awaited by all Italians.

News that few still hoped to hear, but it’s really happening. Albanoone of the most appreciated and famous songwriters in the world, is about to return to embrace a very close and familiar acquaintance of his.

His songs stole the hearts of the whole audience, yesterday as today. The Apulian singer has known throughout his career an extraordinary successconquering well 26 gold records and 8 platinum records. Years of triumphsfrom music remained in history, of satisfactions and now the beautiful and awaited news that he will give to Al Bano new emotions and unexpected goals.

The unforgettable couple Romina – Al Bano

Even those who do not listen and are not directly fans of Al Bano, know that his relationship with Romina Power made history music and, why not, gossip and television. During the shooting of the film “In the sun” the two, very young, got closer and started one of the most followed and envied love stories.

Their bond, sealed with the marriage in 1970 lasted until 1999it has expanded and led fruit and great results even on a professional level. Their duets and songs together, like “Happiness“(Second at the Sanremo Festival in 1982),”It will be“, Winner of Sanremo in 1984, and other successes such as”Freedom“,”Dear land of mine“,”Rogue nostalgia” And “Just married“, Single with which they participated for the last time together at the Sanremo Festival, are the testimony of their great understanding in life as in the stage.

There is an event, however, that “stains” their path shared and is the disappearance of his daughter Ylenia, in 1993. A fact that went around the world and left the public dismayed. Several versions are given to this disappearance which took place in America; it seems that the Carrisi is thrown into Mississippior has decided to follow the friend Alexander Masakelasince she shared a house with him and, at the time, the same “guru” delayed in reporting the girl’s disappearance.

Al bano, Romina Power and Ylenia Carrisi

Even between the two spouses the positions are different. Romina Power believes her daughter is entry into the trafficking of womenwhile Albano considers, even if with difficulty, the disappearance as incontrovertible event of death by Ylenia. For this, he obtained from the Brindisi court the death certificate. These opposing points of view and stances have fueled difficulties and fractures of the Carrisi – Power couple, who subsequently separated.

A long awaited return

After Romina Power, in 2000 Al Bano undertook a relationship with Loredana Lecciso which seems to continue today between ups and downs.

The event that could radically change the situation is own this important return. And, precisely, that of Romina Power, long awaited and hoped for. The singer, according to her rumors, could come back to life on the Carrisi estate in Cellino San Marco. A step wanted by both parties to simplify the organization of their future concerts.

Albano and Romina Power

There seems to be between the two an important rapprochement taken thanks to the reborn artistic complicity. From 2013/2014 Al bano and Romina have started singing again again together.

There have been and are many events to which the two singers have dedicated their common commitment, such as artistic couple: the event concert in Moscowthe single “Collect the moment”Of 2020 written for both by Cristiano Malgioglio, i numerous concerts which will both occupy, together on stage, in the next future. And, who knows, too a possible participation in the next edition of the Sanremo Festival.

It would be a dream for any fan of this couple that, despite everything, it is still there to sing and arouse emotions. A result that only the sincere and complicit union manages to reach, to transmit and to give.

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