Cheaper supermarkets, Altroconsumo: here's how to save up to 3,350 euros

Cheaper supermarkets, Altroconsumo: here’s how to save up to 3,350 euros

MILAN – Squeezed between galloping inflation and increasingly high energy bills, families are working to make ends meet. The “shopping cart”, says Istat, in August jumped again by 9.7%, surpassing the progression of the general price index (+ 8.4%) which in any case is at its highest since 1985. So here it is. which focuses on offers, products below cost, supermarkets that set their offer precisely on convenience. And, as it turns out from Altroconsumo’s annual survey on large-scale distribution, it is precisely by relying on discount stores that savings of 3,350 euros per year can be achieved, not a little since, again for Istast, the average expenditure of a family at the supermarket is 8,550. EUR. Let’s see how.

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