Do you feel bloated and constipated?  Here's how to help cleanse the intestine quickly -

Do you feel bloated and constipated? Here’s how to help cleanse the intestine quickly –

If you are feeling bloated and constipated, especially after vacationing excesses, here’s how to help cleanse your intestines in a few simple steps.

By following a controlled diet and using a few little tricks, you will be able to eliminate swelling and certainly even a few centimeters too much of the waist.

You feel bloated and constipated here’s how to cleanse your intestines quickly recipe print

Your good humor will also be positively affected, when you manage to get rid of the discomfort that this situation entails.

If you feel like this, then you absolutely must put these few rules into practice and you will be back in shape

Not only constipation, but also abdominal cramps and poor digestion are among the consequences of an unbalanced diet typical of the holiday periods. The change in life habits generally involves greater relaxation, but also a different daily life and often also conditioned by rhythms that usually do not belong to us. Whether it is a trip to a foreign country or a period spent at the sea or in the mountains with all the comforts, it can happen that our body is affected with variable consequences.

Even the condition of not being in your own home it can make a certain adaptation difficult, causing the consequences mentioned above. Even returning home can therefore be traumatic, but it also tends to be decisive because it gives us the possibility of easily remedying and obtaining the resolution of the problem. Being at home, in your own environment, it will be much easier to be able to put into practice the few tips that will help you get back in shape.

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What to do in these situations?

The usual diet will obviously have to be varied and it is necessary to return to everyday life also from the food point of view. Clearly it will be necessary to introduce, with the support of a trusted specialist, foods and practices that will certainly help a lot. In some cases they will even succeed to definitively solve the problem in a very short time. Consultation with a doctor is especially necessary if you are pregnant or suffer from particular diseases to avoid compromising your health with rash actions.

What will certainly not hurt is to introduce fiber by inserting a daily intake of nutrients with elements that help the proper functioning of the intestine. Often in fact the bloating, excess fat, are the consequence of a slowdown in the transit of food in our body. This is due to an unbalanced diet, a too sedentary life, unfortunately very common habits nowadays, also due to the frenetic pace of work.

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What to introduce in the diet to purify the intestine? Here is what must never be missing

The well-being of the organism starts first of all from what we introduce to you: it is clear that if we base our daily diet on commercial or excessively caloric foods, what we will get will be a slow metabolism and many extra pounds. By regulating our diet in a healthy way, we will be able to stimulate the body to burn calories and eliminate the swelling that bothers us so much and creates poor digestion. Better results can obviously be achieved by combining a little physical activity and drinking lots of water. This doesn’t mean joining the gym, but simply making sure you do some simple exercise like a half-hour walk at least three times a week.


The foods with the highest fiber content are fruits and vegetables, followed by legumes and whole grains and flours. Among the fruits the richest in fiber are plums, pears, but also blackberries, oranges and raspberries. We also do not neglect dried fruit, even if limited in quantity given its caloric intake: almonds, walnuts, pistachios are a panacea. All legumes are allowed, but if you suffer from swelling prefer lentils or peeled variants. The same goes for cereals: oat flakes, puffed rice or barley and spelled for delicious salads are ideal for breakfast or as a snack. Among the vegetables choose spinach, artichokes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, salad of various kinds and corn.

The only condiment allowed is extra virgin olive oil which helps lubricate the intestine and facilitate the transit of waste substances. Never skip breakfast and snacks: choose semi-skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt to which you can add fruit and cereals. Herbal teas with fennel or wild fennel, together with chamomile will also help you to promote the expulsion of excess gas by reducing abdominal bloating. In short, a few simple rules to purify yourself and get back in shape in no time!

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