Sharon Stone e l'arte di invecchiare e accettarsi

Sharon Stone, dumped for the “fault” of wrinkles: the beauty of accepting oneself

Sharon Stone she is one of those women who just need to look to be overwhelmed by a timeless beauty. The beauty of a woman aware of her age, that at 64 he never misses an opportunity to show himself natural, with those “imperfections” of which she is proud and which she does not try to hide in the least. Why, after all, aren’t these precisely what makes us unique and special? Are not those wrinkles on the face that remind us of what we have lived, for better or for worse, like a notebook that recounts our experiences?

Yet, even if it seems incredible, the actress has experienced an unpleasant situation precisely because of the wrinkles. As she herself told in the new issue of Vogue Arabiadue out in September and whose cover is the undisputed protagonist, had to do with a man much younger than her who decided to stop dating for refusing to have Botox injections.

Sharon Stone, dumped by a younger man because of wrinkles

The story of the actress in the new issue of Vogue Arabia it’s unbelievable, but it brings us back to an issue none of us are strangers to. Mature women often find themselves facing one blanket of prejudices due to age: at a certain point it is as if we had to compete in a wild race aimed at hiding the signs of aging, as if the natural course of events (yes, even the appearance of obvious wrinkles) was a cause for shame and we had to immediately run for cover.

Sharon Stone experienced this when she started dating a man much younger than her, whose identity he has decided to keep secret. As she told herself, with this man of the mystery it lasted very little and not for a matter of feelings or incompatibility of character, simply because she she refused to use Botox injections on her face to eliminate wrinkles.

At the boy’s request, Stone replied with her usual air: “It would probably be very good for your ego if you did.” Then everything ended like this, into nothingness: “I saw it again after and then he was no longer interested in seeing me. If you don’t see me for more than this, please find your way to the exit ”. The right answer, if you think about it: a relationship based on requests of this kind certainly does not have the conditions to last long. And it’s not worth it.

Sharon Stone, the relationship with aesthetic treatments after the illness

In the entertainment world, when you are at the height of success and universally recognized as one of the most beautiful and fascinating women in the world, it is easy to fall into the tunnel of beauty treatments: you cannot afford mistakes, you must chasing an ideal of perfection that satisfies the public, the Star System, everyone.

Sharon Stone he did not deny having used Botox, fillers and other treatments similar against wrinkles and aging of the face, but in the last interview she also told the reason that led her to give them up forever: “When I was already super famous, there were times when I used Botox, fillers and stuff like that, and then i had a severe stroke and a brain hemorrhage nine days and I had to have over 300 injections of Botox and fillers to bring up that side of my face. My face was sunk ”.

This experience deeply marked the actress who, from that moment on, has forever changed her point of view on this type of substance. For her it was no longer a mere whim, but a substance necessary to resolve the effects of a serious health problem that it almost led to her death.

Sharon Stone and the art of aging

“Imperfect with gratitude on a perfect day”, the actress wrote a few weeks ago in support of a topless selfie shared on social media. And this is precisely the point: Sharon Stone is undeniably beautiful, but to her being naturally beautiful about her is added the most valuable lesson we can learnthat is, to accept the signs of aging and all those changes that are typical of a certain age.

“I can’t tell you how many doctors are trying to sell me a facelift – he revealed in an interview with Vogue Arabia -. I’ve even gone so far as to be persuaded by someone, but when I went to look at photos of myself, I thought, what are they going to raise? Yes, I’ve come close, but frankly I think in theart of aging well there is a certain sexuality in having those imperfections. It is sensual ”.

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