Pfizer scandal, a trial in America could bring down the 'house of cards' built by the pharmaceutical company

Pfizer scandal, a trial in America could bring down the ‘house of cards’ built by the pharmaceutical company

The news of the Pfizer scandal does not seem to find much space in the Italian news. Yet what is happening is of an incredible magnitude.

A former employee of the Ventavia Research Group has reported non-compliant procedures during testing of the Comirnaty vaccine. The case broke out in America and as reported on, the Casa Farmaceutica is trying in every way to have the process archived.

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The sensational statements and what is happening though, they are not finding much space in the Italian news, and perhaps not even abroad. If the allegations were confirmed, they would open up disturbing scenarios and worrying.

Pfizer would have changed the trial procedures and therefore sold a “non-compliant” product. The pharmaceutical company tries to defend itself by stating that he was unaware of the facts. But let’s go in order and let’s try to understand which are the protagonists of this story.

Ventavia Research Group is one of the research centers where the trial of the Comirnaty vaccine on behalf ofPfizer pharmaceutical companyor rather the testing procedures for the Covid vaccine.

Brook Jackson is a former employee of Ventaviaand has reported a series of improper procedures to the FDA occurred during the aforementioned trials. The violations even the most basic norms have been so numerous that during his work he expressed doubts and perplexities, arriving then at the decision to report everything.

There Pfizer in December 2020 presents the documentation and results of the trial to the FDA, obtaining authorization. But what if these data were “falsified”? American citizens could ask for a maxi compensation, also in the name and on behalf of the Government, aware or not of what was happening.

Pfizer scandal, what is happening in a trial in America

We are facing one historical “blameworthy”. Pfizer blames the former employee, who blames the company he worked for. The FDA excuses itself by stating that the data they were provided should have been true. The government excuses itself as it has instructed the FDA to deal with the effectiveness of the vaccine. But let’s understand in detail what happened inside Ventavia.

Brook Jackson and his attorney have brought to light a lot of irregularities occurred within Ventavia, one of the companies that Pfizer relied on to test the serum against Covid. As an immediate effect, Jackson lost his job and suffered theaccuses of carrying out irregular procedures. That is, the same thing that the former employee reported.

On the website Court Listener we can find the official documentation of what has been recorded in the Texas District Court, and Pfizer’s responses to Jackson’s allegations. You can also download the official document from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division here: official document

Specifically, the Pfizer group specifies that: “fraudulent certifications, misrepresentation, falsified data, tainted clinical trials, and the firing of whistleblowers can all be ignored based on the theory that the company has obtained federal legal coverage that allows it to protect itself from damages lawsuits“.

What happened during the experimentation?

Basically, according to the former employee, during the trial phases “chaos reigned” and the procedures were not respected.

Specifically, Jackson denounced procedural errors very serious related to different phases. From incorrect disposal of syringes to failure to monitor vaccinated individuals after injection. Give her communications on adverse events sent late the incorrect management of the names of the participants in the trial. Finally, one unsuitable professional preparation by those who carried out the vaccinations.

In this regard, it appears that Jackson has submitted over 400 documents accompanying his complaint. Furthermore, you stated that patient signatures for informational consent were falsified by staff. Finally, she stated that something which, if it were true, it would be disconcerting.A former cashier from Taco (a well-known American fast food chain) was among those in charge of injecting patients with the experimental serum.

There Pfizerin all this, it “limits itself” to affirming that – according to the American laws of the False Claims Act – Jackson can’t report anything unless “the government does not prosecute them even in an administrative proceeding“.

The British Medical Journal he deepened the question, and on the official website of the well-known scientific journal we find a large contribution. In the long article published, we talk about concrete evidence: photos, audio and video recordings, which would demonstrate the glaring errors, omissions and falsifications of data that occurred during the trial.

An excerpt from the article published by the BMJ

A Ventavia executive can be heard in a recording of a meeting in late September 2020 between Jackson and two directors. He explains that the company was unable to quantify the types and number of errors they were encountering when examining the quality control test documents.

It remains undeniable, that the same “hasty” procedures can also suggest a preference for following economic interests rather than safeguarding health. And whatever comes out of this scandal, it is basically “too late”. Things have already happened. And as unfortunately very often happens in similar situations, hardly anyone will pay the consequences.

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