The ebike scam is back

Get a brand known and appreciated throughout Italy, take a product that everyone would like to have but it has a fairly high cost, take a page Facebook and write the word “gift“: here are the ingredients of the new (old) electric bicycle scamwhich uses the name of Decathlon.

This scam is so simple that, like all simple things, works perfectly and thousands take the bait at the first hook, the one launched via Facebook. With these numbers, therefore, if even a small percentage makes the payment in the end the scammers run away with a nice nest egg after having made very little effort: not even the photos used, on the other hand, they did. But what exactly is the scam? In the promise of one ebike Decathlon as a gift, totally free because it cannot be sold. A mechanism practically identical, therefore, to that of the scam of the 10,000 Amazon products as a gift.

The Facebook page of the scam

The tool through which this scam is conveyed is a very normal one Facebook page which, while not having absolutely nothing to do with Decathlon (a company that, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with this affair, except as a victim), imitates its logo and graphics and shows Decathlon products in photos.

The page in question is called “Decathlon Fans“, but only from 27 August 2022 since it was created on 25 May under the name of”Santa Anna Processing & Taxidermy“and is still classified as estate agency. Of course, on this page there is no blue check, typical of the official pages recognized by Facebook through the classic process reserved for brands and personalities.

This alone would be enough to understand that it is one fake pagewhich it promotes scams and non-existent initiatives. The method by which the scam is carried out, then, confirms it in full.

How the scam works

A post on Facebookin which one promises electric bike as a gift:

We are happy to announce that we will be donating 670 bikes which cannot be sold due to some scratches and minor damage, all engines are in good condition, so we will randomly send them to someone who wrote “DONE”

Below are several photos used with obvious copyright infringement (they are from the Shutterstock agency, like the one you see at the beginning of this article) and, moreover, they show some traditional bikes and not ebikes.

Despite all this, the promise is so tempting that hundreds, if not thousands, have written “DONE“and many of them were then contacted in private: to receive the pedal assisted bike it is necessary to pay i shipping cost.

And that’s where it is he consas usual.

How to defend yourself

Decathlon is, in spite of himself, a victim of these speculations for a very long time. Just open the Facebook page official by Decathlon Italia (@ decathlon.italia) to read a notice set at the topfor all to read:

Sports friends, we are aware thanks to your numerous reports of the circulation of false e-mails and social posts sent and published in our name, in which sensitive data is requested, prize draws, gifts are promised or exaggerated promotions are sponsored. .

We invite you to be wary of any suspicious communication, we are proceeding with the reporting of these posts to the authorities.

This post is dated July 28, 2021, so it is for over a year that the name of the well-known chain of shops is exploited for scams of all kinds. The rule for defending oneself is always the same: be wary, be wary, be wary. Nobody gives anything awayneither on Facebook nor in the store.

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