Francesco Chiofalo returns to social media after the emergency hospitalization

Francesco Chiofalo returns to social media after the emergency hospitalization

Francesco Chiofaloa few hours ago, he broke the silence regarding the situation he is experiencing in recent days and which forced him to stay in a wheelchair.

The former face of Temptation Island decided to reply to all followers who wanted to know more. Apparently, the companion of Drusilla Gucci he had an unexpected event during an evening in Catania, in which he was participating as a guest. Francis he let it be known that his right leg and right arm did not suddenly respond to any stimuli. Urgently transported to the hospital, only after four days he regained mobility in the limbs:

It was a long time since I did a story spoken here on Instagram. That I didn’t show up. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick lately and I want to tell what happened to me. Not because I have to justify myself, or be forced to tell what happened to me. But since so many people have written to me because they are worried, it seems nice to me to tell what happened to me. Basically I was hospitalized because I was during an evening in Sicily, a guest in a nightclub. At some point, since I felt good and everything was going perfectly, it was all normal, I feel completely paralyzed in my right arm and right leg.

After a few seconds they started shaking like I had Parkinson’s disease. To make you understand. Of course, I completely bleached and took a hit. I wondered what was going on. So in a nutshell since I was totally fine my right arm and right leg have been totally paralyzed. They immediately decided to call an ambulance and have me rushed to the emergency room in Catania. Then they moved me to Rome because I still wanted to be hospitalized here in Rome also because I was alone in Catania and I wanted to go back to my city. This tremor combined with this paralysis, in short, this situation lasted for me four days.

I lived it very badly and I do not hide the fact that at one point I thought the worst. I thought I was disabled, this tremor did not go away with this paralysis. I said “man, I stayed there”. Logically I was very bad, also for this reason I did not show up here on social networks. I was not there with the head. I lived it badly on a psychological level. I said “I remained like this, I was invalid.” The heaviest thing in that situation for me was not being able to walk and having to walk around in a wheelchair.

I’ve been through a four day nightmare. Really. Fortunately at the end of these four days my leg and arm stopped shaking and I was able to move again. They released me from the hospital. It seems that this thing happened as a side effect of the brain operation I had a few years ago to remove that brain tumor I had. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like I have to operate on my head again.

L’former face of Temptation Islandhas therefore made it known that he is currently undergoing all the necessary checks, to prevent a possible relapse:

It would have been psychologically devastating news for me. Now I’m doing all the necessary checks. Analysis, magnetic resonances, electroencephalogram, bone marrow samples. To understand if such a thing can happen again. Maybe it doesn’t even happen again, but eventually it will be possible to better understand how to solve it. However fortunately I’m fine, I have recovered. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful messages that have come to me.

Below, the video of his story:

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