Primavera, Frustalupi: "We didn't deserve defeat. The goal after the penalty was to be canceled"

Primavera, Frustalupi: “We didn’t deserve defeat. The goal after the penalty was to be canceled”

At the end of the Primavera 1 Championship match between Napoli and Sassuolo, the coach of the azzurrini, Nicolò Frustalupi, made some statements. Here is what is highlighted:

Mister, a joke that was not needed: Napoli played better today, despite the defeat, compared to Friday
“Much better I would say, this was the best game since the beginning of the championship. By far the best in terms of the game. I think we deserved the draw well, maybe even something more. The guys did well, we paid for the two mistakes we made. In the final we dropped physically and there was the final joke. But the boys did well on the pitch, Sassuolo is an excellent team ”.

Let’s start from the choices: for example the missed pass of Pesce who could immediately give you a draw; or the referee, the penalty was to be repeated because the player who scored on the rebound was already inside the penalty area when the penalty kick was taken
“It is not to be repeated, it is to be canceled… that is a foul, if the player enters the area first it is not that the penalty kick is repeated, it is our ball. As for the choices, unfortunately the steps are wrong. We were naive on the occasion of the penalty, because it was our ball and there they could do better, even if pressed even throw the ball away. Even in front of the door, maybe be more lucid and make the right steps, but I must say that in this heat it is not easy to be 100% lucid. I have to congratulate the guys because they put everything on the pitch and in the end only the result was missing. Only the result was missing, they must understand that it is an important thing ”.

Sassuolo penalty

Lamine, to be his first game in a league like this, he played well. Why was he replaced?
“Precisely because it was his first game, I know that athletically he is further behind than the others. I know him, he’s an apprehensive boy, when he played the friendly he sometimes got cramps. I was afraid they would come to him in this match too, having run out of substitution slots I made a choice. Same thing for Iaccarino, I wanted to keep him on the pitch, but the last game with Cesena he had cramps, and when he mentioned his first cramps during the game I had to make a choice. Lamine did well, but I was sure he didn’t have 90 minutes and since he came in almost immediately I was pretty sure he would ask for the change in the last minutes. I didn’t want to stay 10, just for that. It is clear he has to improve in other things, but he went well since it is the first game of a certain level. I’m happy for his first match ”.

The trio of midfield: Iaccarino-Gioielli-Spavone, there you can see the enormous grown-up daughter of the many appearances of last year. And then, if there is information on the conditions of Marchisano.
“We still don’t know anything about Marchisano. Tomorrow the doctor will give us news. I think it’s a serious injury, given how he left the field. I’m sorry because in the last game it went well, we hope to recover it as soon as possible. Now there is a break, let’s see if he gives us a hand with the times to recover it. Regarding the trio: today it’s easy to talk about the singles, but everyone did very well. In particular Spavone and Gioielli have grown a lot compared to last year, a championship during which they paid for their inexperience, but this year they are paying off with excellent performances. Gennaro himself, who was stopped last season, this year is showing us what a player he is, all his qualities. In general, I am happy with the whole team: the game was excellent. Sassuolo aspires to the first part of the table and despite this in some moments we have also had a passion for the game ”.

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