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The Last of Us – Part 1 | Review – The origins of the myth – SpazioGames

The Last of Us – Part 1 it was not only a work of capital importance for the historical period in which it came out and for the entire medium of reference: it was above all the milestone without which we would never have had what we have defined – and we reiterate this forcefully and without remorse – the manifesto of an entire generation.

The Last of Us – Part 1

Exit date:
2 September 2022
Naughty Dog
Sony Interactive Entertainment

It was disruptive, a watershed, a point of reference in the round that between technical evolution, narration, importance of the topics covered and scope found few equals over the years. Only with the second chapter we have really witnessed the ways in which a software house manages to overcome itself, raising the bar in an imperious way and creating sidereal distances between the peaks reached and everything that, perhaps, will reach the top only in several years.

The Last of Us – Part 1 however, it is an operation that prompted discussion right from the start and that did not immediately find the favor of all fans. And mind you, we are talking only and exclusively about the idea of ​​re-proposing a game that had already had the opportunity to present itself in a new light, certainly not of the unique value that the founder of the saga continues to have today.

The Last of Us – Part 1 and the strength of modernity

Let’s easily get out of catalogs and labels and free ourselves for a moment of terms such as remastered and remake, trying to really understand what it is The Last of Us – Part 1 (if you want, you can buy it directly on Amazon).

We start from the incontrovertible fact that the work is the same as it used to be and that it does not distort anything, therefore those who have already enjoyed the first revival of the game on PS4, or even the first version for PS3, should think carefully before diving headlong into this re-release.

Yet, it is fair to underline how Naughty Dog has gone beyond the narrow conception linked to the simple graphic update.

The risk that it could be just that was high, because behind the operation there is above all Sony’s desire to arrive on the market slightly earlier than the TV seriespotential driving force of new sales even for newbies who will want to know more after watching it.

In addition, the policy linked to landing also on PC expands the catchment area and at the same time makes it more attractive The Last of Us – Part 1now more in step with the times.

Those who want the first and second chapter together will now have the opportunity to see this wish fulfilled on PS5, together with the certainty that (with all the limitations of the case) The Last of Us – Part 1 he now has a finally more evident closeness to his following. You will notice it not only realizing the technical magnificence of the game, which takes advantage of the power of the new Naughty Dog engine, but also and above all pad in hand.

The developers were saying the truth when they asserted that it was not just a new powder, and you will understand it the moment you you will see integrated some of the standout features of The Last of Us – Part 2.

On the run from a world in complete drift.

But let’s be clear and don’t mince words: the second chapter remains superior in everything and inevitably it was not possible to provide users with the same sensations in terms of gameplay, shootings, fluidity, complexity of behavioral routines and all those maniacal attention to detail that almost terrifies just thinking about it.

Yet now through the options provided there is a way to reach a new depthpreviously more complicated to recreate due to the game systems that today would appear a bit rusty.

We refer in particular to the possibility of shaping your game in a very similar way to the second chapter. So here it is incorporated different degrees of aggression of the enemies, up to the difficulty parameter called “realism”or the options linked to more or less reactive allies, likely to intervene more frequently in battles or to remain more hidden.

The same goes for the amount of resources available throughout the environments, which naturally have a significant impact on the careful management of ammunition, medkits and all that is needed to get by and survive in that world now totally adrift.

What has changed?

In any case, it is necessary to make some notes onIA enemy and ally. What she got us used to The Last of Us – Part 2 it is so elaborate, complex and high-level that by comparison the behavioral routines of The Last of Us – Part 1notoriously very brilliant, appear less effective even by opting for maximum difficulty.

We specify, for the avoidance of doubt, that you will always be hunted for that there is one evident tendency of enemies to go around you and take you by surpriseoften acting by sneaking large rounds and sudden assaults from behind.

Yet the feeling of being literally suffocated during the battle phases, struggling to find the best way to defend, hide and run away quickly is the only prerogative of The Last of US – Part 2, despite all the implementations carried weight on The Last of Us – Part 1.

This is to tell you that, yes, certain routines have been made more complex and average responsiveness has increased considerably, but that overall there are tangible distances.

One of the examples of the magnificent work done on accessibility options.

Moreover – and on this we can only be even more critical – the most annoying defect that the first game carries with it since its first edition has remained substantially unchanged: allies moving along the battle theaters remain unseen by enemiesthus attenuating the sense of credibility linked to the protection and the very figure of one’s partner.

The Last of Us – Part 1, in various situations, he tries a little to disguise this weakness, with the ally on duty who avoids the view of his opponents as much as possible and is more careful and quick in moving. But when he finds himself a bit in the middle, lingering on the direction to turn, the flaw emerges in all its unpleasantness.

Beyond what has been said, it must be admitted how The Last of Us – Part 1 (if interested, you can find it on Amazon) is in fact one notable revision and able to give further value to the original work, which comes out modernized despite the limits imposed by the weight of age.

Not only the care of the models of the characters, their expressiveness and the greater details of the magnificent game environments they bring new light to the sessions and to the dramatic cut of gameplay footagebut every technical aspect has benefited from visibly more modern updates.

Even some schematic features of the control system, such as moving stairs or boxes, have been made softer and less clumsy than in the past, and the same goes for some movements that now appear less clumsy.

Although there is the full support for DualSense and Pulse 3Dwhich give an important degree of immersion, you will never really feel the same “weight” of the caliber of the weapons nor (even in this case) you reach the manic levels of dismemberments and reactions to the blows suffered seen in The Last of Us – Part 2.

Also important are the additions related to the accessibility, which appear to those already seen below. In this sense Naughty Dog is simply unassailable and proves to have completed a sumptuous job, of total openness to anyone.

The same can be said of the revision work, which is not just a mere graphic upgrade, but turns out to be the best that could be done with the base material. We understand the complaints related to the full price from The Last of Us – Part 1and the we totally support because we believe that only new games should be sold at full price and not even those adapted to a new console (especially after the operation on PS4).

However, we also understand the capital importance of a work of this kind, which, net of the justified chatter about the commercial operation or about small unresolved smudges, it remains in fact a mandatory title for every true lover and enthusiast of the video game; and also for all those who really want to fully understand how it came about The Last of Us – Part 2 and what power the original design brings with it.

The Last of Us – Part 1 it is a harrowing journey into a world hopelessly lost and devoured from withinwhere every form of humanity has given way to the most instinctive and deplorable bestiality, where the chiaroscuro stories of the characters highlight themes treated in an incomparable way.

And everyone, at least for once, deserves to take this path that will leave an indelible mark on them, as it has left it forever in the medium of reference.

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