Noemi Bocchi is really fed up, that's what she asked Totti.  Pupone's friends make a shocking confession

Noemi Bocchi is really fed up, that’s what she asked Totti. Pupone’s friends make a shocking confession

The woman at the center of Italian gossip for the whole summer is undoubtedly Noemi Bocchi, Francesco Totti’s new flame. Il Pupone announced the separation from his wife Ilary Blasi this July and since then the gossip has not stopped chasing the most talked about trio of the moment. Bocchi is now really tired. What happen?

The marriage between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is at the terminus. The former golden couple from Rome is spending the end of these summer holidays separately and the only point of contact between the two seems to be their children. Among the Pupone the presenter a name continues to hover non-stop and responds to that of Noemi Bocchi. The woman is the one for whom Francesco Totti he lost his mind and presumably one of the reasons for this separation.

The relationship between the two proceeds as evidenced by the photos published by the various newspapers but Noemi and Totti continue to make no statements.

Totti, first of all, wants to keep the strictest confidentiality about his relationship and tries in every way to continue the story with Noemi away from prying eyes. Despite these attempts by the couple, the gossips about the relationship between Noemi and Francesco Totti persistently follow one another.

Ilary Blasimeanwhile, he enjoys the last days of his vacation in the company of his family and with the great pleasure of his followers he shows more and more glimpses of his single life, made up of aperitifs with friends and long walks in nature.

The woman has not commented on any of the news regarding her ex-husband and Noemi but respects the decision not to make any other statements beyond the press release published by ANSA that distant 11 July.

While the Blasi goes on, Totti and Noemi must find a way to live their relationship in balance with the press, divorce and their respective children. Noemi has lived all these months in silence, avoiding the spotlight for the good of Francesco and his family. But now, according to some friends of the pupone, the woman seems to be really bored. What did she ask of her partner?

Noemi’s requests. Totti cornered

Bocchi no longer wants to be left on the sidelines. The story with Francesco Totti is not a simple flirtation as many newspapers describe it, on the contrary, the two seem to have been in a relationship for many months and which lasted even before formalizing the separation with his wife.

Precisely for the respect of the bond between her and her famous partner that Noemi no longer wants to hide. The woman is tired and makes one last request to Totti after having been by his side in difficult moments.

According to the weekly DiPiù who collected information from some friends of Totti, there Bocchi he intends to make the story with the man official while the former footballer would still like some cocontinue on the path of privacy especially in view of the possible legal battle between him and his ex-wife.

Ilary and Franceso not only shared a life together but they have built up an incredible heritage that takes time to be shared equally.

Totti, therefore, to avoid problems wants to wait for the official divorce with Ilary and only after a sentence issued by the judge will he make this beautiful love story public. Noemi, on the other hand, is tired of waiting and puts pressure on Francesco to make the report public, above all because she is tired of having to live a life that is always on the alert for photographers.

Totti’s friends declare: “Noemi does not consider herself the triggering cause of the break between Ilary and Totti and she would like to come out with him, stop hiding, also because their relationship is not just a flirt, but something more important. In the midst of the marriage storm, Francesco still does not feel like living the relationship with Noemi in the light of the sun, also because on the horizon there is the confrontation in the Court with Ilary for the division of their substantial patrimony “.

The confession of Noemi Bocchi makes Totti tremble and who knows if she will change her mind about the fate of their relationship in order not to lose her. Meanwhile, as always, everything is silent on the part of the Pupone.

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