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LIVE Juric: “We are incomplete in certain roles. There is no Radonjic. Lukic is likely to play from the beginning”


The Turin he wants to try to stay at the top of the table, but to do so he has to stop Gasperini’s team. The coach of the grenade, Ivan Juricwill soon present the competition with theAtalantawhich will take place tomorrow at 20.45 at the Gewiss Stadium.

Does he present us the match that could be technically and tactically similar to the match against Cremonese, but with a higher difficulty coefficient?

“As a form, yes, but Atalanta is a little less unscrupulous than Cremonese who comes to take you hard without diagonals and also risking and in fact we suffered especially in the first half. Atalanta, on the other hand, is more of a team and the technical rate is completely different”.

On the one hand the challenge with Atalanta and on the other the closure of the market: can we take stock? Are you happy with the squad you have available so far?

“Tomorrow, in my opinion, will be a great match and we need to be ready because they are a great team that has added many very good players who have strong legs and that I like a lot. We are incomplete and we hope to complete. However, there are some roles where if something happened we would suffer badly from the lack of someone and then really there are no substitutes and it will be difficult “

It is his best start to the championship. With the possible arrival of Praet, how much will the bar be raised?

“I can’t talk about a Leicester player, it’s useless to talk about the others. I think the team has some shortcomings when something happens as happened to Radonjic this week: having not played for years, it is difficult to dispose of the games and is in pain. yesterday he did not train and he is already playing tomorrow and we do not have one who plays in his role. It is normal that these are shortcomings. Then we talk about the changes during the games which are often decisive and we in certain roles lack alternatives “.

Where exactly are the gaps?

“I don’t know if we will be able to do something because we are on the last market day (counting the penultimate today too, ed) and it is not easy. midfield and forward we lack elements with certain characteristics and for the changes. If no one arrives we will go on like this, always hoping that there are no injuries and problems “

You have a good relationship with the fans, what message can it send them?

“We want to maintain this positivity and the spirit that the boys have from the first Italian Cup match. Positive thinking has pushed us a lot and it was nice to have so many fans in tow in the past two away games. further that gives an extra boost. We hope to continue like this and that there is more and more enthusiasm “

You know Gasperini well, Atalanta observers say that he has lowered the pace and gives more to his opponents. Does this surprise you?

“It seems to me that Atalanta in the last year have made a half revolution and have included players like Musso, Koopmeiners, Lookman and even Boga, but not only them. All of which have the right characteristics: strong legs, technique and dynamism. They prepare to do great things for me. They’ve hired players to build something great and certainly Gasperini, who is a phenomenon in this, he knows. The feeling is this: more dribbling and a great search for quality. In my opinion Gasperini is working on all this to get to a total kick. At the moment they still do not have great quality they are not yet “violent” as in the past they played at very high rhythms, but they are always strong ”

How are Djidji and Singo?

“Singo will not be there tomorrow because he has a tendon problem, but we hope it is a minor problem. Djidji has fully recovered and he will be there.”

Does Schuurs see him more arm in arm on the right or in the center?

“In theory, more central, but, as we saw during the week, he has a lot of work to do both on a tactical and physical level: he has to raise the level a lot. He seems like a guy predisposed to work well and we will see, but there is a lot ago I see him more as a central defender, even if with Cremonese he did well also as a right arm doing that action where he created superiority and certainly can play in that position as well.

Will Lazaro play tomorrow?

“I have to decide between Vojvoda, Lazaro and Aina. I have three options plus Bayeye. There are few of us even in training and we often have to take on Primavera players.”

Will Bayeye stay or go on loan?

“He is a very interesting guy and in theory it would be perfect if he went to play a year in Serie B in order to grow since last year he played in Serie C. But at the moment we lack elements so, in my opinion, he will not go away and may have its opportunities “

What is your opinion of Seck? Will remain?

“He’s training normally. Staying? Everything normal …”

What effect does it have to be among the first in the standings?

“We’ve just started, but it’s always nice to start well. They were tough games anyway, even if we faced two newly promoted ones. Lazio at home and now Atalanta who are a top team and then Lecce at home who seem to have players. very interesting as well as an interesting game. We will have to fight and try to do our best. In Bergamo we must try to achieve results in order to maintain the positivity that we breathe right now “

Could this be a great opportunity?

“What do you mean?”

You are first in the standings and Atalanta are no longer strong.

“Atalanta are very strong and are taking on spectacular players. It is only their moment and then they will leave again. Already now they face the matches with a great personality as happened in Verona. If you look at the matches well, Atalanta is not the usual one and they missed six or seven goals and starts, but they dominate in a different way than in the past. We want to stay positive and try to get results. Enough sadness, let’s continue with the positivity. And also in Bergamo we will try to achieve a result, from this point of view it is certainly an opportunity ”

With close matches and taking into account that so far he has almost always used the same players, will he make turnover? Will Lukic play from the start?

“Honestly, we have few options. Since there is no Radonjic I will put all three midfielders. I have no others, this is the situation. I told you about Lukic that he always trains well: he did a week again as he should and with the spirit right. It is likely that he will play from the beginning. For the rest we do not have many options to make many changes. “

Atalanta is changing, is this the line that must be followed?

“They have done incredible things in recent years in terms of results, enthusiasm and money. They have done spectacular things and then the moment comes when you have to change the players: Koopmeiners goes away and comes, Gomez goes away and Boga or Lookman arrives. All ‘Atalanta are making a small revolution and changing the old with the young, but, as I see football, interesting players have arrived with real characteristics: they have great acceleration, leg and dynamism. Players with whom you can get results and how typology are probable Premier League players and they will make results and one day they will be able to play in the top English clubs. Atalanta is doing this because they have the economic possibility of doing so many things. “

If Cairo and Vagnati told you that they will still take a player, but only one: would you prefer a midfielder or a forward?

“(Smiles, ed) One who knows how to play in both roles”.

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