Expensive petrol and excise duties, skyrocketing price: how much it costs on the motorway and when the government discount will end

Expensive petrol and excise duties, skyrocketing price: how much it costs on the motorway and when the government discount will end

The price increases return, gasoline skyrockets: the government’s move, how long will the extension of the discount with the cut in excise duty last

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Rising emergency. The holidays are over for almost everyone, but the fuel emergency remains alive. In addition to the prices of electricity and gas, the cost of gas scares the Italians. Thus, the Draghi government made a decision on the cut of excise dutieswhich provides a discount of 30 cents on the price to the distributor. The measure, extended several times, is expected until September 20. But the ministers of Economy and Ecological Transition, Daniele Franco And Roberto Cingolani, have decided to extend it.

Discount of 30 cents: there is an extension

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, they signed the Interministerial Decree that extension until 5 October measures to reduce the final price of fuels currently in place.

In fact, the discount extends 30 cents per liter for petrol, diesel, lpg and methane for automotive. This was announced by the Ministry of Economy and Finance through a press release issued at 12 noon on Wednesday 31 August.

excise duty petrolPhoto source: ANSA

Cars lined up at the petrol station, waiting for refueling

The price increases are back

The news comes the next day when there is a new slide in the price of fuel.

According to the survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, Q8 – on the morning of Tuesday 30 August – ha reduced by 1 cent per liter the recommended prices of petrol, increasing by 2 cents per liter those of diesel.

The new fuel prices

But what are the averages of fuel prices? Here are the surveys of the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development, processed by the Staffetta, detected at 8 am on Tuesday 30 August on about 15 thousand plants:

  • self service petrol at 1,774 euros / liter (+6 thousandth, 1,778 companies, 1,765 white pumps);
  • diesel self service at 1,846 euros / liter (+14, 1,847 companies, 1,845 white pumps);
  • gasoline served at 1,919 euros / liter (+9, 1,964 companies, 1,830 white pumps);
  • diesel served at 1,985 euros / liter (+16, 2,025 companies, 1,906 white pumps);
  • lpg served at 0.802 euros / liter (+1, 0.807 companies, 0.796 white pumps);
  • methane served at € 2,739 / kg (+27, 2,743 companies, 2,737 white pumps);
  • gnl € 2,728 / kg (+6, companies € 2,712 / kg, white pumps € 2,741 / kg).

If these prices seem high to you, watch out for what happens abroad: this is where gasoline costs more than in Italy.

Prices on the highways

And the prices on the highways, in the lens of motorists who are returning from holiday destinations (or are going there)? Here they are, calculated by Staffetta Quotidiana:

  • self service petrol to 1,858 euros / liter;
  • diesel self service at 1,927 euros / liter;
  • gasoline served to 2,115 euros / liter;
  • diesel served to 2,184 euros / liter;
  • lpg served at € 0.899 / liter;
  • methane served to 2,557 euros / kg;
  • gnl 2,724 euros / kg.


Photo source: ANSA

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