Death of Lady Diana, still mysteries after 25 years: the shadows and the new revelations on the accident in Paris

Death of Lady Diana, still mysteries after 25 years: the shadows and the new revelations on the accident in Paris

25 years have passed since the tragic death of Lady Diana, an accident still shrouded in mystery today

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It has been 25 years since the night of August 31, 1997 which took away the princess, due to a car accident in the tunnel of the Alma Bridge in Paris. Diana Spencer. Despite the many years since the tragic death of Lady D, even today the disappearance of the princess is shrouded in mystery, amidst a thousand doubts and questions without a certain answer.

On the day of 25th anniversary of Diana’s deaththe Discovery Investigation broadcaster released “La Double Enquete”, a long reportage based on the investigations of the French police, in particular on the shocking discoveries made on the scene of the disaster by Martine Monteil, head of the criminal brigade, who returned to the day of the tragedy .

The fatal accident of Diana and Al-Fayed

It was just after midnight on August 31, 1997 when Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, 42-year-old Egyptian entrepreneur, film producer and record producer, left the Ritz, in Place Vendome, aboard a Mercedes S280. The car sped at over 120 km / h in the streets of Paris to sow the paparazzi who had stationed in front of the hotel to photograph the couple who had come out into the open just 20 days earlier.

To try to avoid the photographers, the driver Henri Paul turned into Georges Pompidou Street where, shortly after half past midnight, the Mercedes ended its run. against the wall and the 13th pillar of the Ponte dell’Alma tunnel. Paul and Al-Fayed, without their belts, died instantly, while Diana was transported in serious condition to the Pitié Salpetrière hospital.

After several cardiac arrests the princess was declared dead at 4.25, officially for consequences related to internal bleeding caused by the accident.

The gray areas and the revelations

From the day of Lady Diana’s death to today, everyone has tried to clarify the incident in Paris. Theories, stories of conspiracies and even the idea that the crown was also involved in the death of the princess, but after 25 years there are many doubts. Several investigations and documentaries they tried to clarify a picture shrouded in shadow which, however, from the testimonies of the men closest to Diana, would be taking more and more shape.

Death of Lady Diana, still mysteries after 25 years: the shadows and the new revelations on the accident in ParisPhoto source: ANSA

25 years after the tragic death of the ex-wife of Prince Charles and mother of William and Harry, it was Lee Sansum, former bodyguard of the princess, who spoke. Diana had confessed to him that she had fear of being killed: “She was shaken by the murder of the designer Gianni Versace. So she confided to me the fear of one day being able to be murdered ”.

If I had been there with her that night she wouldn’t have diedin that car I would have made everyone wear seat belts “Sansum told the Sun. The former bodyguard then revealed:” A witness driving a small car that was traveling in front of the Mercedes in Paris on the night of the crash has claimed to have seen one high-powered motorcycle overtake the car seconds before the fight. Another witness traveling in the opposite direction noticed a second motorcycle swerving to avoid the debris and continue without stopping. Those two centaurs have never been found and it is no coincidence “.

The role of the driver and the accusations

At the moment the only “certainty” is that the driver Henri Paul drove from drunk, with an autopsy on the body which confirmed that his blood had an alcohol level of 1.87 and 1.75 grams, which is three times higher than the authorized limit of 0.5 per liter of blood. Those who knew him describe him as “responsible and professional” and not one capable of driving if altered by alcohol. Here then another hypothesis takes hold, the one he sees another car involved.

On the night of August 31, 1997, in fact, there are those who said they saw one Fiat Uno speeding by the side of the Mercedes S280, a car that would also have hit the vehicle of Diana and Al-Fayed causing the accident. On the remains of the vehicle, signs of the white bodywork of the Uno were traced, but no one ever went in search of the driver, setting aside the hypothesis of the accident. It turned out, after years, that there was one driving Vietnamese security guardquestioned by the French police and then released.

The change of cars and the theories

What is certain is that Dodi Al-Fayed and Diana Spencer they shouldn’t have gotten into that Mercedes S280, a car defined as “scrap” by the insurance company. The two, in fact, would have had to leave the hotel with the usual Range Rover which, however, according to what was reconstructed, would have been left at the Ritz because it was recognizable by the paparazzi.

There are those who have pointed the finger at the photographers, guilty of causing the fatal accident, but even today the death of Lady D does not have a culprit. No one, according to what was reconstructed, could have known that Diana and Dodi could be aboard that Mercedes, as it was Al-Fayed himself who changed his mind a few minutes before setting off. Therefore, the car sabotage theories.


Photo source: ANSA

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