Moviola Serie A: Piccinini and those penalties on Pessina and Abraham ...

Moviola Serie A: Piccinini and those penalties on Pessina and Abraham …

Moviola Roma-Monza: Piccinini vote 5

Match of great ease for Piccinini, but …. But there are two shadows, two unassigned penalties, with a foul threshold (17 those whistled at the end of a competition without competition) not very high. Marrone goes directly to Abraham, Mancini pushes Pessina, two more episodes from the field than from VAR (especially the second one) but which had to have another epilogue. Not good from a disciplinary point of view, for example, a light yellow for Ibañez is missing.

From penalty / 1

Marrone enters on Abraham, directed on the left leg that moves clearly (and is the support one), the fact that the attacker was making a veil does not take away from the punishment of the contact, which is clear. Mazzoleni could have intervened, here there is a clear contact, unless Piccinini said: seen, but it is not rigor. A madness.

From penalty / 2

Mancini pushes Pessina on the back when the latter has started a scissor kick: he risks a lot, if Piccinini whistled a penalty … Exactly, if …


Regular Dybala’s goal: he starts from his half of the field, this drops all considerations on the position of the opponents.

VAR: Mazzoleni 6

Let’s say it adheres (this time yes) to the protocol.

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Dybala, that ‘Joya’: first goals with Roma and Monza knocked out

Moviola Inter-Cremonese: Fourneau vote 6.5

Not a game with which to test the qualities of the Roman Fourneau: very simple, without ever episodes of competitive spirit, 20 fouls whistled with 3 yellow cards (one of which Dessers went to look for with the lantern), never questioned. In short, if it was used to put hay in the farmhouse, a successful operation by Rocchi. Let’s say a single episode, let’s say doubtful, in the Inter area, Fourneau reads it in the right way.

No penalty

In the Nerazzurri area, Skriniar and Dessers feel, as always, perhaps the one of Inzaghi’s defender is more conspicuous (and in fact the images underline it), but it is not such as to be considered punishable. In short, it is not a penalty kick. Dessers, on the other hand, believes the opposite, he complains, even in a conspicuous way, he repeatedly gestures to the referee to look carefully, Fourneau immediately warned him.


No doubts even about the regularity of Correa’s goal, the one that broke the deadlock. At the moment of Dzeko’s shot, rejected by Radu, the Argentine is kept in the game by Aiwu on the crossroads, on the occasion (even if it was not very difficult) citation of merit for the assistant Yoshikawa.

VAR: Irrati 6

Fortunately (of all) his intervention from Lissone was not necessary.

Inter, redemption after Lazio: trio alla Cremonese

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Inter, redemption after Lazio: trio alla Cremonese

Moviola Sassuolo-Milan: Ayroldi vote 6.5

Decided (see the penalty, easy but given with certainty), a little technical and disciplinary measure is lost in the final. Under the eyes of the designator Rocchi, with 27 fouls and 7 yellow cards (many), Ayroldi’s race is fair, his season will have to be sparkling to confirm (finally) all expectations. Question: but what does the recovery reported by the Sassuolo referee have to do with it and not by Rapuano?


There are two fouls, one weaker by Saelemaekers, the other by Florenzi (most viewed-
so and sharp) on Kyriakopoulos, correct penalty. Curiosity: on the parade of Maignan, Rogerio tries the retort, if he scored he would have been repeated (invasion at the time of the serve).

From red but …

Theo Hernandez (among other things also warned) knocks out Berardi in a foul way: two things save him, the offside (Berardi as well) and the fact that in the crossing of legs, the ball touches Kyriakopoulos and not Tomori, otherwise it would have been played and therefore Dogso.

VAR: Banti 6

He is on sentry duty.

Milan, with Sassuolo ends 0-0: Maignan saves a penalty against Berardi

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Milan, with Sassuolo ends 0-0: Maignan saves a penalty against Berardi

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