Goffredo Cerza

Who is Goffredo Cerza. Boyfriend of Aurora Ramazzotti and soon father of their first child

Goffredo Cerza historic boyfriend of Aurora Ramazzotti will soon become the father of their first child, but who is this handsome young man?

We have learned about Goffredo Cerza in these last years, historical boyfriend of the well-known presenter and Influencer Aurora Ramazzotti, beloved daughter of two predominant figures of the Italian show, Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti.

Aurora has always been at the center of public opinion, ever since she was a child, precisely because of that surname which was certainly a great privilege, but also a great burden to carry.

Over the years we have seen it grow, from child to teenager, we have seen her make mistakes, get up and take her life in hand, always during her life path we saw her fall in love with a beautiful boy which matches the name of Goffredo Cerza.

But who is Goffredo, the young Roman who literally made Aurora Ramazzotti lose his head and that will he soon become the father of their first child?

Goffredo Cerza

Who is Goffredo Cerza?

Goffredo Cerza and Aurora Ramazzotti met in 2017 thanks to a mutual friendship, to act as a cupid in their own love story the inseparable friend of both Sara Daniela, daughter of the late Pino. Since they met in London, the two immediately snapped something and they became truly inseparable, their romantic shots together are now famous. they seem to come out of a beautiful love story.

Their relationship is strong and stable, above all well balanced, she is particularly exposed to the spotlight, while Goffredo loves to live a more reserved life, a strong shoulder who has supported her partner on several occasions.

In recent years, Goffredo and Aurora have decided to move in together and the beautiful Influencer often tells about funny anecdotes from their life as a couple, they both love fitness, travel and cats, in fact they got two.

First they adopted the cat Saba Miao and then came the shutter Tabbybut now the two have decided to expand their wonderful family again with the arrival of a child, fresh and official news in fact, Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant.

But what do we know about Goffredo Cerza and his life

Goffredo Cerza

Goffredo Cerza was born in Rome, class of 1996, his parents are people far from the world of entertainment, they work in the healthcare sectorthe mother, Francesca Romana Sickis the manager of a well-known specialist outpatient clinic in the capital, while her father Fabio Cerzais a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

He is also part of the family the older sister, Carolina, she is a molecular biologist and for some years the mother of a beautiful little girl, the pride of Uncle Goffredo.

The handsome young man, 26 years old with dark hair and brown eyes, certainly does not go unnoticed for his sculptural physique, broad shoulders and sculpted muscles, but besides being a beautiful boy he is also a beautiful head, after graduation from Marymount International School of Rome moved to London and graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of London, he later earned a master’s degree in International Business at Hult International Business School.

Once he finished his studies he started working abroad, but with the pandemic he returned to Italy and now he works as Marketing Manager and as a Business Analyst. But in her heart beats, as well as for Aurora, also for a great passion that she is trying to transform into a real job, namely fitness founding “kingcerzfitness”it is an App, a web page and of course an Instagram profile where the young person creates personalized training programs.

Love with Aurora

Goffredo often appears in the stories and posts that Aurora publishes on her very popular Instagram profile, the two are famous for their heart-pounding couple photographs, on the occasion of their fifth anniversary the young presenter and soon mother of their first child, posted a very sweet drawing which portrays them, accompanied by a message where he declares all his love for Goffredo:

“Where it all began, four wisteria-colored walls and two broken hearts in search of someone to pick up the pieces. The still image of a moment that I will carry in my heart for life, as well as every moment, good or bad, of these five years spent together. Happy Anniversary”.

Goffredo Cerza

Now the two lovebirds they are ready to start a new incredible chapter of their love story with the arrival of their first child scheduled for January 2023, the news came directly from Chi who launched the scoop exclusively. A wonderful news that has filled the hearts of fans and beyond.

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