Inter-Cremonese 3-1, le pagelle: Barella elettrico, il Toro sfonda. Okereke da 7

Inter 3-1 Cremonese, the report cards: Electric stretcher, Toro breaks through. Okereke from 7 –

Relive the LIVE TMW of Inter-Cremonese!

(12 ‘Correa, 38’ Barella, 76 ‘Lautaro; 90’ Okereke)

INTER – Curated by Ivan Cardia

Handanovic 6.5 – Pickel and Dessers call him into question: not impossible saves, but he makes and keeps Inter more than in the running when needed. Folded when time is almost up.

Skriniar 5.5 – If Dessers scores in a bicycle kick, the stadium comes down. Some uncertainty, not quite an 80 million wall, at least tonight.

De Vrij 5 – Stain a good game leaving Okereke all the time to shoot Del Piero and find the goal of the flag.

Dimarco 6.5 – The ball knows how to get it out well, nothing to say. Tonight a few defensive anxieties, which in maneuvering and attacking is precious is certainly not new. (From 73 ‘D’Ambrosio 5 – Bad in opposition to Okereke on 3-1 grigiorosso).

Dumfries 6.5 – Sgroppa that restores you, on a physical level at this moment is the most fit for detachment. Ride to get to 2-0, applause from San Siro at the exchange. If on the left the hierarchies are being defined, on the right absolutely decisive. (From 79 ‘Bellanova sv – Good debut, good acceleration too, enters after the game is over).

Stretcher 8- He is back, even after the tare has been made to the opponent. A goal from the film library plus the assist for Lautaro’s trio, after he too participated in the action of the first Nerazzurri goal. In between, he ran, retrieves, supports and even some heels. What a nice player.

Brozovic 6 – The first as a starter of the pupil is postponed, for now space for the master of the Nerazzurri midfield. In recovery from the bad match against Lazio, he also has the opportunity to score but he calls. (From 73 ‘Asllani sv –).

Calhanoglu 7 – That he has more qualities than Gagliardini is not revealed this evening. Soft soft the ball that Barella kisses to cross.

Darmian 6.5 – Solid performance, no frills, with some interesting game changes. Promoted. (From 79 ‘Gosens sv – Eleven minutes plus recovery, tomorrow there is no certainty).

Correa 7 – If he kept this average-goal … The 1-0 is an easy easy tap-in, it also participates in the action that leads to the doubling. He remains Inter’s best striker for his ability to jump the man in the strait, he needs continuity. And maybe he won a starting place in the derby. (From 55 ‘Lautaro 7 – It almost makes Pickel tenderness who tries to knock him down on the run. He puts his signature on it, once again).

Dzeko 5.5 – His presence confirms one thing: Inter, for now, are more used to having him than Lukaku up front. As useful for his teammates, as little cold in front of goal: the advantage is also his goal eaten, in the second half he shoots again in the face of Radu.

Inzaghi 7 – No scientific turnover, but it is not too easy to explain some choices, above all the eternal waiting for Asllani. But the answers arrive, the team with Dzeko turns, in short, the best evening after the knockout of the Olimpico and before the derby could not arrive.

CREMONESE – Curated by Patrick Iannarelli

Radu 5.5 – He can’t do anything about Barella’s goal, it’s impossible even to think about similar trajectories. But on Dzeko he has a lot of responsibility: he leaves the ball there, Correa thanks and throws it in.

Aiwu 6 – Limits Correa as he can, in the second half he grows a lot and pulls out a couple of decisive interventions. He goes one step away from the goal with a header that comes out by a matter of centimeters. From 81 ‘Castagnetti sv

Whitebait 6 – He made his debut at the San Siro by committing a foul after a few minutes, but as the minutes went by he played with greater confidence: on Correa he opposed as he could, he closed well on two other occasions.

Lochoshvili 5.5 – Dumfries and Dimarco are unstoppable when they outgrow in speed. It limits the damage, but reds and grays suffer most in its lane. (From 67 ‘Vasquez 6 – He enters better than his colleague in the department, but this Inter is a bit complicated for everyone).

Ghiglione 6 – The final result weighs a lot, but it never stops running: it does both phases, tries to accelerate even when the situation is now compromised.

Pickel 5.5 – He could have changed the fate of a match played with his foot pressed on the accelerator: the shot, however, is too docile to worry Handanovic

Escalante 6 – Crosses tempted, pocketed and insertions, never stops. As the minutes go by, the number of errors increases, but in the median it is one of the best.

Ascacibar 6 – He bangs a lot, he often enters the Nerazzurri area: a pinch of malice is missing in the last 16 meters, but the determination is the right one. (From 46 ‘Zanimacchia 6.5 – He never stops playing, not even at 3-0. A couple of lashes worry the Nerazzurri, Skriniar and De Vrij barely contain him).

Quail 6 – In his part there is a very uncomfortable client like Dumfries, but despite the presence of the Dutchman he sinks and always looks for a cross in the opponent’s area. (From 67 ‘Valeri 6 – Good approach, sink and always try to create some danger).

Okereke 7 – He wakes up late: first he reproaches Dessers for the missed header, then he invents a practically unstoppable shot for Handanovic.

Dessers 6 – He crashes and tries to create dangers, he also succeeds. He tries again the stunt like against Roma, but again he can’t find the goal. (From 67 ‘Di Carmine 5.5 – You see very little, it doesn’t have the right impact on the challenge).

Alvini 6 – His Cremo never gives up, on the contrary. He attacks, sinks, never leaves the opponent alone. But now he needs to score points, otherwise the ranking starts to weigh.

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