L’Isola dei Famosi

After “L’Isola dei Famosi” the drama that struck a shipwrecked woman. Chilling confession

One of the undisputed protagonists of the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi tells of a very bad loss. Here’s what she confessed to.

The latest edition of “The Island of the Famous “ it was one of the most followed ever. Thanks to the management of Ilary Blasi and the support of the ironic commentators Nicola Savino and Vladimir Luxuria the program had a great success both in terms of audience and on that of social feedback.

Many were the protagonists of this very long edition which ended at the end of June just before the start of the summer television schedule. The Island of the Famous saw the victory of actor Nicolas Vaporidis, certainly the favorite of the whole edition. The man was able to withstand very difficult conditions for over three months and, at the same time, he is managed to contribute to the common good for all competitors.

His tenacity and willpower did not go unnoticed and that is why the public elected him undisputed winner. However, the record-breaking edition had many notable personalities who made some arguments. Among these are certainly the brothers Tavassi who with their irreverent irony managed to conquer the whole audience. Unfortunately, the two have suffered the problems of extending the program but, in any case, they are etched in the hearts of the spectators.

Lory del Santo was another absolute protagonist of the reality show but due to some game strategies she attracted the dislikes of many of the competitors. and part of the public who did not reward his participation by having it eliminated shortly before the airing of the final.

The choice of participants in the reality show was really successful considering the long programming period that “The Island of the Famous” has had. The competitors proved to be very participatory and active.

There are those who say they were, perhaps, too involved if we take into account that the envoy Alvin was often forced to placate their heated spirits. It is for this reason, probably, that Vaporidis came out as a winner as well as for being diplomatic and patient, qualities attributable to real leaders.

The confession of a competitor

Among the various competitors we have not yet named another important character until his return from Honduras he made a painful confession. We are talking about Floriana Seconds who made headlines for her explosive and very direct character. The woman was certainly a very dynamic participant but due to her frankness she quarreled with many of her colleagues.

Upon returning from the reality show, Floriana declared something really sad in a long interview with Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo. The woman talks about a painful loss that hit her during the program and of which she became aware after returning to Italy. Thanks to the love and support of her partner, she came out of a dark period to be reborn with a new, genuine company.

Floriana Seconds declares: “I lost three cats when I made the Island, one died in my clinic, there was a massacre on my return to the Island”. And he adds: “Mine mate gave me a dog because he knows me well, he knows what I want ”. With the man and his beloved of him he has reached the perfect balance in spite of all the evil tongues that accuse the partner of being very cold.

In this regard, Floriana Secondo gave an interview to Afternoon Five in which she explains her position on the behavior of her boyfriend. The woman admits. “When you are a kid, at twenty, you are always fiddling, kissing even in front of everyone, at forty-five he and he sixty try to be a little more modest, even compared to the people who are around and when we are alone we do everything we have to do, here “

There is no need to prove too much. Floriana knows that she can always count on her partner and the help shown during and after the Isola dei Famosi is a valid example.

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