LIVE TMW - Torino, Juric: "Siamo ancora incompleti. Radonjic non si è allenato"

LIVE TMW – Turin, Juric: “We are still incomplete. Radonjic has not trained” –


Another away match will be the third in the first four days of the championship. Torino will be in Bergamo with seven points in the standings and a sprint start, while in the background they expect the last hits of the market to be hit by tomorrow at 20. Soon, from the conference room of the Olimpico Grande Torino stadium, the coach Ivan Juric will present the match against Atalanta set for tomorrow at 20.45. Follow the direct text on

10.41 – Juric’s press conference begins

Could it be a match similar to that of Cremona?
“As a form, yes, even if Atalanta are a little less unscrupulous. In Cremona we suffered in the first half, while the Orobics are more of a team and have a different technical level.”

On the one hand, Atalanta, on the other the market: do we take stock of the squad?
“It’s a great match, we have to be ready. Atalanta has brought in many young and good players, we are incomplete: we hope to complete each other. If something happened, you would suffer badly and you would not have substitutes in certain positions”

Is it the best group you’ve ever coached? How much can the bar be raised with Praet?
“He is a Leiceste player, it is useless to talk about him. Radonjic is struggling because he has not played for years, he is in pain and even yesterday he did not train: already tomorrow we do not have a player to replace him. We are lacking in certain roles”

Where are the gaps?
“The last day is not easy, maybe it is better that someone who knows the game arrives. In midfield and in front we are lacking in features and changes. If nothing happens, we go on hoping that there will be no problems. And that’s okay, but we must hope “

What message does he send to the fans after this start?
“We want to maintain positivity and spirit, we have already had it since the Italian Cup. Positive thinking has pushed us so much, it was nice to have so many away fans: when you celebrate after the matches it is a further charge, an extra boost. We hope that there is more and more enthusiasm and more people “

Is it an Atalanta who has lowered the pace?
“It seems to me that they have made a half revolution in the last year, they have brought in people with technique and dynamism and are preparing to do great things. They are building something important, that’s my feeling. Gasperini knows what path he is taking, I see more dribbling. “

How are Djidji and Singo?
“Singo is not there, he has a tendon problem and we hope it will be of little consequence. Djidji has recovered and he will be there”

Is Schuurs more of an arm or central?
“In theory, more in the middle, but we have seen that there is a lot of work to do: he has to raise the level a lot, he is a guy predisposed to work and we will do it. As an idea, I see him more in the middle the other day he showed up too good arm in arm “

Is Lazaro playing tomorrow?
“I have to decide between Vojvoda, Lazaro and Aina. In training we are few, we often have to take on Primavera players

Does Bayeye stay or go on loan?
“It’s interesting, he should go to Serie B to improve but since we’re in the absence of training it won’t happen. He can have his chances.”

How do you rate Seck?
“He’s working out. If he stays? Everything normal …”

What is the effect of being among the first?
“They have been tough games, it’s always nice to start well. Atalanta is a great team, with Lecce there will be a battle: we will have to try to do our best and keep the positivity we breathe. Atalanta will become very strong, they are taking very strong players: when it explodes, it will eat everyone. They win with great personalities, even in Verona you have not seen an attacking Atalanta but they dominated in a different way than in the past. We want to achieve results, erase the sadness and it is a great opportunity to achieve results “

Will we see Lukic from the beginning?
“We have few options: if Radonjic is not there, I’ll put all three midfielders on. Lukic is always good, he had a good week and it is likely that he will play from the beginning. For the rest I can’t make many changes.”

Is Gasperini’s line the one that should be followed?
“They have done incredible things economically and sporting, then there comes a time when you have to change. So many interesting players have arrived, they are making a small revolution and they have brought in players with real characteristics: acceleration, leg, speed. And everyone could go. in the top English teams. They are changing the old for the young, also because they have excellent economic possibilities “

Would you prefer a midfielder or a forward?
“One who can do both (laughs)”

10.57 – Juric’s press conference ends

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