Volleyball, Italy and the scarecrow Cuba. Who are the Caribbean: Simon and Yant scare

Volleyball, Italy and the scarecrow Cuba. Who are the Caribbean: Simon and Yant scare

Despite having dominated pool E far and wide, for Italy the scoreboard of the Volleyball World Cup 2022 looks like a real mountain to climb. The fault of a regulation that, in a way too exaggerated, has facilitated the hosts Poland and Slovenia, automatically giving them the first and second seed. On the field, the role of tds n.1 would instead be touched by the tricolor selection …

The Azzurri have therefore been relegated to third position in the so-called combined ranking of the various groups, which takes into account not only the victories obtained, but also the sets and points won. On the basis of the ranking, the direct elimination scoreboard was therefore drawn up: the first faces the sixteenth, the second against the fifteenth and so on. The team of Fefé De Giorgi will touch the worst possible among the third classified: Cuba.

Warning: this is not the team of kids who in recent years had taken sound lessons left and right. This time the Caribbean line up the big guns. One name above all: Aties Robertlandy Simon, that is the best center in the world that we know very well in Italy: after leaving Lube Civitanova with the Scudetto on the bulletin board, from next season he will wear the Piacenza jersey. At 35 he still makes the difference and could become an unsolvable puzzle for our central players: for this reason it will be essential to serve well and prevent setter Lyvan Diaz from playing too many early times.

The other star of the Cuban national team is Marlon Yant, another pillar of the Lube Civitanova champion of Italy: the 21-year-old must be considered to all intents and purposes as one of the candidates for the best spiker in the world in the future (but our Alessandro Michieletto will also contend for it). The fact that Italy finds itself facing 1/3 of the starting sextet that won the last Scudetto speaks volumes about the difficulties of the match.

Attention to the opposite Jaime Jesus Herrera, unleashed against Brazil and new opposite of Perugia (he will start as a reserve for Kamil Rychlicki), but also to the walls of captain Livan Rodriguez Osoria: it will not be Simon, but he is a respectable central. The other hitter is the 1997 class Osniel Melgarejo, who will play in the Superlega in Milan next season: quality is not lacking.

In short, Cuba is a scary opponent, even if in this World Cup she has alternated exceptional performances with others that are decidedly subdued. With Brazil she had a 2-0 lead, only to lose 18-16 in the fifth. Subsequently, the Caribbean left a set to the very modest Qatar, only to lose 3-1 against Japan. And it is precisely the lesson of the Japanese that will be accepted by the Azzurri: Cuba does not fight by trying to put the game on the level of pure power, because in this case there would be a risk of very bitter surprises; instead an incisive service and an iron defense will be needed to undermine the certainties of the opponents.

The scoreboard, as mentioned, looks like a real Everest for the blues, who would later find the Olympic champions of France in the quarterfinals (barring surprises from the unpredictable Japan). Then the eventual semifinal with one between Slovenia, Germany, Holland and Ukraine. But we’re running too fast: first we have to unravel the very intricate skein of Cuba.

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