The Taranta Night Concert On Air On RAI 1 Thursday 1 September - Corriere Salentino Lecce

The Taranta Night Concert On Air On RAI 1 Thursday 1 September – Corriere Salentino Lecce

MELPIGNANO (Lecce) – After the resounding success with audiences and critics, the Concertone della Notte della Taranta which bewitched 200 thousand pizzicati, lands on RAI 1 Thursday 1 September at 11.30pm.

Madame And Gino Castaldo from the former Convent of Melpignano will lead the viewers of RAI 1 in the musical journey proposed by the concertmaster Dardust with the artistic direction ofPopular Orchestra.

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A program written by Massimo Martelli And Rossella Rizziscenography Marco Calzavaraphotography director Marco LucarelliRAI delegate Cristiano D’Agostinivisual Filippo Rossi And Mauro Bubbico.

The program will open with Elodie dancing there Pinch of San Vito and unleash the square. The images of the drone return all the magic of the architectural complex of the Convent of the Augustinians, now a symbol of the Night of the Taranta while Taranta of Lizzano interpreted by the versatile voice of Salvatore Galeandaopens with the drummers of the Orchestra Roberto and Alessandro Chiga, Carlo Canaglia and Gioele Nuzzo that light up the show to the rhythm of a tambourine.

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A sequence of images directed by Stefano Mignucci give viewers all the energy of the pizzica experienced in the square after two years of waiting and when the international guest enters the scene Stromaeexplodes with joy and is moved by the interpretation of Marco Mengoni who masterfully interprets the text in Grico Klama, history of emigration, of departures and returns. Love in all his expressions invades the scene in the choreographies of Irma di Paola which introduces the LIS language on the text into dance Water of La Funtana with the engaging Stefania Morciano and give on Pinch of Torchiarolo interpreted by the very young performer of the Orchestra Consuelo Alfieri, with the presence of 40 people from the audience as well as 16 dancers, the snapshot of a contemporary folk festival where the special guests are inclusion and an olive tree, a symbol of rebirth.

For the 25 years of Taranta, Samuel Bersani sings Lu ruciu de lu mare and a version of Chicco and Spillo signed by Dardust. There is also the rumor of Vito Nigro singer of Villa Castelli in the pizzica interpreted by the unmistakable voice of Enza Pagliara and the images flow on the faces of the people of Taranta while on stage Dardust gives the futurist vision of the longest night in Puglia. His Bardaggin is the announcement of a space journey that will lead viewers to listen to the sounds from the Balkans to Japan, passing through the baroque ones without ever abandoning electronics and the ingenious taste of transforming the Melpignano stage into an international event. And like every trip the rapper takes care of it Maximum Danger to remember that “if you leave it’s just to feel alive but you never forget where you were as a child ” with her The Lord of the Wood in pinched version. But the journey of life always reserves also loving truths such as Secuta Secutathe passage on the betrayal of the elder brother who Murena study updates in theme and sound. Travel is nostalgia as in Aremu interpreted with extreme passion by Alessandra Caiulo and the harp Kety Fusco. Another minority language arbëreshë gives new suggestions to the tradition of the piece Ec Ec and the contemporary language of Madame which adds a poetic cameo.

The end everything to dance with Air Caddhipulina sung by the voice of the Salento land Antonio Amato Pass to Pinch Stifani with the archaic and powerful voice of Giancarlo Paglialunga and ends with the hymn Calinitta where all the guests sing in Grico and Dardust transforms the song into a real hit on the Miami, Ibiza, Melpignano, Tel Aviv axis.

A 110-minute story that summarizes the long journey of the Melpignano Concertone and enhances the beauty of the work that required 9 months of work and research. A narration entrusted to the visual language of Galactic And Mauro Bubbico with the project “W the sky, the sea, the earth” and archive materials by Mario Cresci, Marcello D’Andrea, Antonio Toce, Raffaele Falcone, Fornace Falcone, Luigi di Gianni, Gianfranco Mingozzi and the photographs of Salvatore Palumbo, the bicycle photographer from Calimera from the Palumbo Photographic Archive, Castromediano Museum – Polo Biblio-Museale of Lecce.


Madame and Gino Castaldo, the narrators of the final concert of Melpignano which will be broadcast on 1 September at 11.15 pm on Rai Uno, will wear the clothes of one of the major Italian brands that has its roots in the Salento tailoring tradition. Their outfit is entrusted to Capasa Milano, the new brand, founded by Ennio Capasa: the jewels that the artist Madame will wear will be from Futuro Remoto, the brand of designer Gianni De Benedittis.

Madame, at the final concert in Melpignano on Saturday 27 August, first on stage during the performance of the piece Ec Ec and then for the usual Calinitta finale, wore an oversized suit, with a very bright color, electric blue and an essential cut. . Like the style of CAPASA which is tense and essential, open to contamination and dialogue. The search for a timeless modernity is condensed in the proposal of limited series with regular cadences and timeless pieces imagined to have a long life. Scarcity instead of oversupply: the opposite of throwaway. Products for women, men and gender fluid that combine the utmost in tailoring with the utmost in technology: laser cuts and nanotechnologies instead of scissors and sewing machines without giving up hand stitches; 3D designs and extreme customizations. In line with the mission of the Notte della Taranta, which has long been researching combining tradition and innovation to project traditional music into the future; the Capasa Milano brand also focuses on integrated technology to safeguard artisan knowledge and Made in Italy, because progress is in the fusion of knowledge. A tailoring approach, therefore, extended from ready-to-wear to accessories and beyond, in transparency and traceability. All to discover is the look that the multifaceted artist, on September 1st in the unpublished role of presenter, will propose to the spectators of Rai 1 wearing a high quality outfit with Capasa Milano clothes and Futuro Remoto jewels.


Pinch of San Vito – Elodie

Taranta of Lizzano – Consuelo Alfieri, Alessandra Caiulo, Stefania Morciano, Enza Pagliara, Antonio Amato, Salvatore Galeanda, Giancarlo Paglialunga.

Klama – Marco Mengoni

Pinch of Aradeo – Consuelo Alfieri, Alessandra Caiulo, Stefania Morciano, Enza Pagliara, Antonio Amato, Salvatore Galeanda, Giancarlo Paglialunga.

Alors on dance – Stromae

Villa Castelli – Enza Pagliara

Pinch of Torchiarolo – Consuelo Alfieri

Starlings – Consuelo Alfieri, Alessandra Caiulo, Stefania Morciano, Enza Pagliara, Antonio Amato, Salvatore Galeanda, Giancarlo Paglialunga.

Secuta Secuta – Murena studio

Lu ruciu de lu mare – Samuele Bersani

– Second part –

Grain and pin – Samuele Bersani

Give me the hand – Antonio Amato

Song of the trainiere – Giancarlo Paglialunga

Bardaggin – Dardust

The Lord of the Wood – Maximum Danger

Ec Ec – Salvatore Galeanda and Madame

Aremu – Alessandra Caiulo and on the harp Kety Fusco

Pinch of Ostuni – Salvatore Galeanda and Stefania Morciano

But tonight – Marco Mengoni

Acqua de la funtana – Stefania Morciano

Air Caddhipulina – Antonio Amato

Pinch of Stifani – Giancarlo Paglialunga

Calinitta – Madame, Elodie, Marco Mengoni, Samuele Bersani, Massimo Pericolo, Enza Pagliara, Cosunelo Alfieri, Stefania Morciano, Alessandra Caiulo.


From 21:00 tomorrow, Thursday 1 September, all the social channels of the Notte della Taranta Foundation will start the marathon of exclusive and unpublished content to relive all the emotions of the Concertone.

On the website and on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, You Tube, the communication team will give users the first exclusive social movie of the Concertone.

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