Rome, Mourinho: "For this Dybala Argentina must give us a bottle of wine. I saw the real Abraham"

Rome, Mourinho: “For this Dybala Argentina must give us a bottle of wine. I saw the real Abraham”

“It was our best match.” José Mourinho he is definitely satisfied after the 3-0 at Monza. “The game was more difficult than the result suggests. But the 2-0 already at the end of the first half allowed us to manage in peace. . This team will score points when Stroppa recovers the injured. “

Mourinho: “Dybala is also good in the defensive phase”

The Special One enjoys the first brace in the Giallorossi of Paulo Dybala: “His talent is available to the team, he is not isolated from the rest of his teammates. Even in the defensive phase he does an extraordinary job. He does not come from an easy history in terms of injuries, but Paulo is growing. Perhaps Scaloni also owes us a bottle of wine to celebrate one more top player for him in view of Qatar “, explains Mourinho who then reveals a background:” Last year against Juventus, when he was replaced, I told him ‘you’re good, boy’. Tonight I told him the same. “

Roma-Monza 3-0: Dybala, double and 100 goals in Serie A

by Matteo Pinci

Mourinho: “I saw the Abraham that I want”

There is room for the three of a kind Ibanez: “I’m happy to talk about Roger. There is a huge difference between the player I found and who he is today. With the ball and chain he is more serene, he has more solutions on ball possession.” Also promoted Abraham: “Tammy played as I want – explains Mourinho who criticized the English after Juventus-Roma – This time I saw my Tammy. He won all the duels, he defended the ball, he always took the first ball, he gave depth. It’s Paulo’s night for the 100 goals in Serie A, but Abraham was fantastic Belotti, Shomurodov he will be calmer with less pressure and he will help us too. ”Mourinho has found again Galliani: “A great. He and Berlusconi two gentlemen, also congratulated after Inter’s 4-0 victory over Milan. I am happy to find them “.

The report cards of Rome-Monza: Abraham responds to Mourinho, Sensi out of shape

by Matteo Pinci

Mourinho: “Belotti will be ready soon”

About Belotti he says: “He worked a lot, with a personal trainer, not with a team. He did not train with Palermo, but alone. He misses the ball, he lacks agility and intimacy with the ball, that ball there one who trains for two weeks he definitely puts it strong and scores, this is Belotti. I wore it more for his motivation, for the effort he made to get there, for the risks he took while waiting to come to us. The boy is happy, 10, 15, 20 minutes can do them perfectly, if you ask me if it starts on Sunday in Udine I tell you no, bench. Little by little it comes soon, because the emotional state is very high “.

Mourinho: “Market? For us there is Financial Fair Play and for others not …”

In closing a small controversy on the market: “The company has made an extraordinary market. Then it seems that for us there is Financial Fair Play and for others it does not. Arriving now and saying ‘I want a central defender’ I can’t, but honestly, without Wijnaldum’s injury and without Camara’s arrival, I think a central defender should have arrived. “

D.ybala: “I wanted to unlock”

Paulo Dybala celebrates his first goals with Roma and the 100 goals scored in Serie A “My best goal? The next one. I had a great desire to score, I’m happy that the goal arrived in front of our fans. We continue to grow. This group he won an important trophy, it’s too early to talk about goals. We weren’t the worst last game, we’re not the best this time. ” The condition improves: “Playing every three days, we have to be good at managing the loads. We will work to arrive fresh. What Mourinho told me? It remains between us.”

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