Leroy Merlin catalog September 2022: don't miss the best discounts of the year!  Find out which ones

Leroy Merlin catalog September 2022: don’t miss the best discounts of the year! Find out which ones

The discounts and promotions that Leroy Merlin loves to reserve for his customers also continue in the September catalog. Do-it-yourself products, interior and exterior furnishing accessories, accessories: everything you need to experience the home to the fullest, always taking advantage of very affordable prices and without ever giving up on quality.

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Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

Autumn is approaching and, precisely in the month that will mark its debut, Leroy Merlin still offers its customers one wide range of accessories and complements to be used in outdoor spaces. Tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, umbrellas and so on and so forth: there really is spoiled for choice by browsing the Leroy Merlin catalog which will be valid funtil next September 30th and from which we have chosen to highlight some promotions and products.

Purchases can be made both online and in physical stores present on the national territory. Alternatively, it will be possible to choose the desired product online and collect it at the nearest store (subject to availability). The catalog expiring at the end of September still focuses on outdoor furniture but also focuses on DIY promotions (always encouraged by the company), on the organization of an important space such as the garage and, again, on important discounts on doors and coverings made in the name of sustainability.

Let’s find out together 6 between promotions, discounts and products to take into consideration for the month of September 2022.

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

1. Leroy Merlin September catalog: discounts up to 10% on garage equipment

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

Discountsas always, they are major protagonists also of the Leroy Merlin catalog for the month of September 2022. The first promotion that we point out is the one called “A garage where there is room for everything” characterized by one discount up to 10% on all products and accessories that can be useful in the garage e valid until 12 September 2022. Objects such as shelves of all kinds (both resin and metal) and scope, containers, boxes, tall or low cabinets, transparent shelving cases and much more.

The product that we recommend is SPACEO, the cabinet for separate waste collection. Made of resin, it consists of 3 hinged doorsee of 3 buckets for the differentiation of waste in the garage or outside the house. Resistant to frost and wind (thanks to a special padlock that guarantees perfect closure), it is made from 90% recycled materials. A truly inevitable solution in the garage or in the garden, destined to last over time and immediately demonstrate its great usefulness. The price is € 89.90 to apply the 10% discount (check the conditions for joining the program).

2. Leroy Merlin September catalog: discounts up to 60% on floors, doors and joinery

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

Incredible discountswhich can also reach the 60%, on floors, joinery and doors. Not surprisingly, the Leroy Merlin catalog speaks of “Extra Discounts”just to identify the enormous scope of this promotion. Until 20 September 2022 more than reduced prices on interior and armored doors, floors, coverings, boards, panels, finishes and accessories for installation.

One of the most significant examples is represented by the pocket sliding door COVER (among the most popular) in gray coloring which, thanks to 60% discount passes from an original price of € 249.90 to just € 99.96. Made of laminated wood, it is scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Handle and locks are included. The ideal solution for all who have small rooms and the need to optimize space. A discount of this type, then, can only make your mouth water!

3. Leroy Merlin September catalog: outdoor lounges

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

September is the month when autumn arrives but that is not why summer and the warm days that distinguish it will be a memory. On the contrary! This month of transition is one of those in which it is more pleasant to spend time outdoors, sipping a cocktail or having an aperitif with friends and relatives. Why give up on comfort?

It is precisely for this reason that the Leroy Merlin catalog offers many outdoor lounges, weatherproof, which do not fade under UV rays and which can be complemented by various other types of furnishing accessories. Among all, we recommend the model DAVOS, in aluminum and wiker, combined with the table with glass top. The living room is corner type, consisting of a 5-seater sofa with removable cushions, a pouf and a double-height coffee table (46 and 60 cm). In total, therefore, this set is designed to comfortably accommodate 6 people.

The DAVOS sofa can also be combined with a table and chairs from the same series or a trunk with wheels and sun lounger. In short, there is really plenty of choice! The color is a beautiful silver gray that goes well with any type of outdoor furniture.

4. Leroy Merlin September catalog: the maximum of conviviality

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

When the sun is strong and the heat affects us it is normal that the only desire is to stay outdoorsperhaps away from excessive heat and in good company. Leroy Merlin proposes, also for the month of September 2022, a series of set made up of tables and chairs of the most disparate colors and shapes. However, they all have in common the aim: to guarantee maximum relaxation and comfort for all diners while having a good lunch, dinner or, simply, an aperitif.

One of the musts of the entire catalog is the model ODYSSEA Full Aluminum which, as the name implies, is entirely made of aluminum. Turns out light, aesthetically beautiful but also very functional. The table, in fact, it is extendable. If in the standard version it easily accommodates 6 people (naturally with the matching chairs), once opened it can even accommodate double. And all of it without ever giving up on quality and design which certainly does not go unnoticed in the garden or terrace. Price? € 869.

5. Leroy Merlin catalog September: new relaxation area

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

Swings, hammocks, sofas are popular in summer. And they will continue to do so even in September when, it is true, summer is about to say goodbye, but the desire to spend as much time outdoors is even more alive than ever. And what’s better, to do it in the garden, than a nice swing? The proposals of Leroy Merlin until September 30th host, among all, the rocking MEDENAsold to € 529.00.

Three seats, 216 x 185 cm, has a maximum capacity of 280 kg and a really nice and elegant design. Covered in synthetic rattan, it is composed for the 10% from recycled plastic. It is resistant to UV rays, water and cold, has a steel structure and removable polyester cushions. Despite being purely designed for exteriors, MEDENA it also fits well in covered verandas thanks to its beige color that does not disturb and, above all, to its structure.

6. Leroy Merlin September catalog: news on umbrellas and canopies

Leroy Merlin catalog September: 6 discounts and ideas

In the same vein according to which even in September we will need to protect ourselves from the sun and create pleasant shaded areas in the garden or terrace, here are structures such as umbrellas and canopies turn out to be among the protagonists of the Leroy Merlin catalog of September 2022. SONORA WOOD is one of the leading products for this period. Sold to € 549.00 it is available in two sizes (2.9 x 3.9 m and 2.9 x 2.9 m).

Off-center umbrella, Sonora Wood is equipped with LED light powered by solar panels. On the side there is a manual crank for opening. The side post can tilt both horizontally and vertically and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Solid, resistant to UV rays and saltiness, despite the important dimensions not cluttered.

Lwood effect of the aluminum slats gives a very natural appearance without sacrificing the strength of aluminum itself. The sheet is white, the base can be filled and the total weight is 42 kg.

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Do you have any more curiosities that you want to satisfy about Leroy Merlin’s September catalog? In our photogallery you will find an account of what you have seen so far. We recommend that you take a look at this catalog and take advantage of these offers before they expire.

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