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The former teacher of Friends, this year will occupy an important space in the Rai 2 schedule, with a new program. The show is called Naked for life, and it is great news for Rai. It will also be a great opportunity for the new presenter, who will use the exhibition to talk about cancer and prevention of oncological disease.

Naked for life it’s a format Sui generis. From September we will in fact see on TV a show that combines frivolity and content relevance. Basically the TV show will offer the public a series of VIPs willing to get nakedliterally, to emphasize charitable initiatives and medical prevention. At the conduct of the broadcast there will be Mara Maionchithe record company former judge of X Factor and former teacher of Friends who in the past had to fight against a dangerous one cancer.

New show for the former Amici teacher –

Undress for a good cause. It’s not such a bad idea. Combine provocation and information, entertainment and prevention. Interviewed by the newspaper The nation, Mara Maionchi was enthusiastic about the new adventure as a presenter, although she wanted to stress several times that she does not consider herself a presenter. She likes the new format. And she is captivated by the idea of ​​being able to speak openly about a lived drama on your skin. He hopes that his own experience will be of help to others. which can be of fundamental help.

On Rai2 at Nudi per la vita I will tell about my experience with breast cancer and prevention“Maionchi says to the interviewer. “We will lightly talk about an important topic such as oncological disease“. For the Bolognese record producer, the fight against breast cancer was one of the hardest but also the most important moments in her life. By defeating that evil, the TV personality has rediscovered enthusiasm. In the 2015, had to undergo a rather delicate operation. But everything went well, also because the diagnosis was fast enough.

The former teacher of Friends tells his own drama and gets the VIPs undressed to help the medicine

“I love everything in life, at my age the absolute good is health that allows you to do everything. Then there are the family affections ”, continues Mara. Naked for life, will therefore allow Mara Maionchi to be able to communicate to the public her new sensitivity of her, the importance that she is now giving to new values. Although he wanted to clarify his profession (“I am not a host“, He repeats), Maionchi is no longer afraid of anything and is ready to get involved.

Mara Maionchi -
The truth of Mara Maionchi (captured) –

In truth, she didn’t seem so frightened before either. She has always behaved with great intellectual honesty and spontaneity, our Mara. Having overcome her cancer nightmare has, if anything, given her greater awareness and desire to contribute to one just cause.

Naked for life is the Italian version of the format dedicated to medical prevention Who Bares Win (translated: Whoever undresses wins). It works a little by tracing the model of the film Full Monty: the VIP will be produced in a dance and striptease performance, to give resonance to medical and prevention issues. The former judge of X Factor And Friends will present to the public various protagonists of the entertainment world, including Alessandra Mussolini, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Corinne Clery, Memo Remigi, Gabriele Cirilli and Maddalena Corvaglia.

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