Homeworld 3: did we try the best game from Gamescom 2022?

Homeworld 3: did we try the best game from Gamescom 2022?

We tried at Gamescom 2022 Homeworld 3, a sequel we have been waiting for more than 20 years, from which we could not tear ourselves away: is it the best game at the fair?

We are not inventing anything: we have tried Homeworld 3 and we couldn’t stop anymore. When we finished the demo, we turned around realizing that they were all gone, except for one last of the Gearbox team who fiddled with his phone waiting for us to finally conclude our test.

The mesmerizing strategy

Homeworld 3: thrilling music, iridescent graphics and quality gameplay. We can’t wait to play it!

It took us a long time because it was a long time since we had a hand in Homeworld and it takes time to regain confidence. Furthermore, the first introductory mission required some commitment and the second was naturally no less. Games like Homeworld 3 you have to try them in concentration, not in the haste of appointments, otherwise you end up not understanding anything. At first we even feared they would send us away before seeing the new one roofing system, one of the biggest news of this sequel, and so we spent the first few minutes playing with some anxiety. We don’t know exactly when and how, yet something must necessarily have happened: at a certain point, headphones on our head and top hardware in our hands, we totally isolated ourselves from the surrounding environment, except for “awakening” in the situation described above.

Homeworld 3, like its predecessors, is a mesmerizing strategic one. The trick is always the same: graphics and an atmosphere, also dictated by the magnificent soundtrack, able to kidnap the user to transport him to a sidereal canvas painted, strictly in real time, by a gameplay that invents reflections and traces of chromatic trails from space opera. This game is one of the very few, and undoubtedly the most successful and famous, to have adapted the foundations of the real-time strategy genre to totally three-dimensional maps, combining the rigorousness of the gameplay with battles so beautiful that you can hold your breath.

Homeworld 3 as a game does not differ much from the two that precede it, but its gameplay will unfold through a totally new story and cast. We are many years in the future, further away than in Homeworld 2 and the galaxy is threatened by a new danger known as the Anomaly, a dark force that, expanding, engulfs bases and entire planets. We will have to forge alliances, survive betrayals and fight through gritted teeth through a campaign that promises sparks from the very beginning. As anticipated, we had the opportunity to try the first two missions of the game which, although largely used as tutorials, allowed us to observe many of the innovations proposed by this awaited sequel.

In cover!

Homeworld 3: Battles are breathtaking, especially now that ships can also take advantage of the elements to get into cover

Homeworld 3: Battles are breathtaking, especially now that ships can also take advantage of the elements to get into cover

The maps they are much larger than before and this space, as well as offering greater strategic breathing space, has been filled with amazing details, immense orbiting structures. In the second mission, the background also becomes part of the gameplay: the action takes place in the vicinity of a huge disused space station, surrounded by debris that the ships under our command will be able to use as cover, making the battles more dynamic than ever. . Additionally, the facility itself features a giant channel running through it from side to side, providing a discreet way for our fighters to attack and retreat relatively safely.

The new roofing system, introduced in the second mission, is the only way to disable two large enemy cruisers without losing dozens of ships by trying. The mechanism is simple: just click on a possible cover, to see the ships you have given the command to broaden their attack maneuvers to take advantage of the selected cover while moving away from the target. The idea is good, from the point of view of the gameplay and from the scenographic one, but it must be exploited well to the end, also work in multiplayer, to leave its mark. Whether or not he will succeed, it is still too early to tell.

The second big news of Homeworld 3 is the ballistic system which will simulate the speed, power and destruction of every single shot fired by ships. This feature allows the game to be much more transparent, further enhancing the spectacularity of the clashes.

Roguelike mode?

Homeworld 3: the color palette will change according to the missions we will face

Homeworld 3: the color palette will change according to the missions we will face

As per tradition, Homeworld 3 will consist of a long and elaborate single player campaign, the inevitable multiplayer portion and, for the first time, a new coop mode which, according to the developers, will adapt the classic gameplay of the series into a sort of roguelike adventure to play with friends. From the description, this new mode seems very interesting, but for the moment we don’t know anything more.

Technically, the game is beautiful, they say there was also active raytracing, but we didn’t notice it; the music is not far behind, and once again entrusted to the veteran of the series Paul Ruskay. But there are several veterans behind Homeworld 3: Blackbird Interactive itself was founded in 2007 by former Relic Entertainment, including Rob Cunningham who followed the overwhelming art direction of the first Homeworld and other such masterpieces, such as Dawn of War and Company. of Heroes. We’re in good hands, aren’t we?

Homeworld 3 will be released on PC in the first half of 2023, exactly twenty years after the second illustrious chapter. Yet despite the time gone by, games like Homeworld still can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and most are absolutely unable to compete with the masterpiece Relic Entertainment, which Blackbird has now set out to bring back to the fore. Succeeding will not be easy, but from what little we have seen, the path taken is certainly the right one.


  • The new roofing system looks promising
  • Outstanding audiovisual
  • The second map was thrilling!


  • Will the AI ​​take advantage of the new cover system?
  • Will the level design live up to its promises?

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