District heating, the joke for those who have chosen renewable sources: doubling bills and no reliefs

District heating, the joke for those who have chosen renewable sources: doubling bills and no reliefs

from Maurizio Giannattasio

The environmental choice of 223 thousand citizens was punished. The example of the former social housing of Chiesa Rossa: in one year, from 10.8 euros per square meter to 20 euros. In addition, excluded from tax relief for electricity and natural gas

From 10.8 euros per square meter to 20. It had to be a far-sighted choice that aims to save energy on the one hand and respect for the environment on the other, because it relies largely on renewable sources. So it sounds doubly mocking the decision of the 223 thousand Milanese who in recent years have chosen district heating as an alternative to heat your home, company or office. Although it is only partially linked to gas or electricity which increases due to the war are making businesses and shops go upside down, the district heating bill practically doubled from one year to the next as shown by the final balance of the thermal power plant of former social housing of Chiesa Rossa past from 10.8 euros per square meter in 2020-2021 to 20 euros in 2021-2022.

A sting which is making it difficult for many people who had chosen district heating precisely to limit expenses and increases. With the further paradox that those who have opted for district heating have seen excluded from government tax relief for electricity and natural gas.

To no avail the letter addressed at the end of March by the mayor Beppe Sala and his colleagues from Brescia, Varese and Turin to the government. The first citizens remind ministers Franco, Cingolani and Giorgetti of the measures taken for natural gas with the reduction of VAT to 5% while nothing has been done for district heating. In addition to one unjustified difference in treatment of families, businesses, organizations – write the mayors -, a substantial one would be created disincentive of district heating, in stark contrast to environmental objectives of the heating and cooling sector … of mission 2 of the NRP.

The letter never received a reply. On the other hand, A2A Calore e Servizi, in early August, froze the price also for the fourth quarter of the year. A2A has also decided to intervene in the fourth quarter in favor of its customersblocking the price component linked to the Pun (single national price) and which enhances the use of heat generated from renewable sources, still set at € 200.721 / MWh compared to the value of € 368 / MWh which would be incorporated in the formula considering the trends from June-July-August.

A saving estimated at 50 euros for district heating but not enough to cope with the high prices so that in the coming days by theEnvironment and Energy Association in collaboration with i Committees of the Gratosoglio district, Red Church, Torretta, San Siro, Comasina, Gallaratese leave one popular petition to ask for an algorithm change used to determine the fare. In the algorithm – he explains Aldo Uglianohistorical advisor to the center-left – there are three elements as indices for determining the tariff: the cost of gas, that of electricity and that of waste that are used for the operation of the Figino waste-to-energy plant. We ask that the weight of the waste component be significantly increased in the algorithm. The Milanese have collaborated with a percentage of 63% to separate waste collection, helping to make our city one of the most virtuous European capitals and therefore it is right that these citizens receive a recognition for the supply of fuel for the operation of the waste-to-energy plant.

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