Logitech G Gaming: this is how the portable console that challenges Nintendo and Steam Deck is made

Logitech G Gaming: this is how the portable console that challenges Nintendo and Steam Deck is made

Early August Logitech had announced his agreement with Tencent for the creation of a portable console ready to challenge Steam Deck but also Nintendo with access to the game services of Xbox Cloud Gaming but also Nvidia GeForce Now. One month later, the first unofficial images of the portable console called Logitech G Gamingin its ” White ” version (although we don’t know if there will be more versions or not).

Logitech G Gaming: here’s how it’s done

We don’t know if the name will actually be Logitech G Gaming and we do not know 100% clearly if Logitech’s portable console in the images released on the web is actually the one that the company will present shortly. In fact, the usual and well-known Evan Blass, a world-famous leaker, who has published three different images of the possible Logitech portable console, is the result of the collaboration with Tencent.

We know how Tencent, Chinese digital giant, is the owner of Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, and Timi Studio, which has developed games such as Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings. The latter in September 2021 exceeded ten billion dollars in revenues since its launch, becoming the mobile video game that has generated the most revenues ever. His collaboration with Logitech G could be decisive for the introduction of this new Logitech G Gaming, a portable console that tries to challenge the latest addition from Steam but also the now ubiquitous Nintendo Switch.

Logitech G Gaming images show a fairly compact portable console or at least smaller than the Steam Deck. The shape and ergonomics look like the classic ones with a nice wide screen (we don’t know any kind of technical information about it) and with the classics X, Y, A and B buttons on the right side above a paddle and a Home button and again a second paddle on the left with a cross-hair underneath to steer during the game. At the bottom there is also a Logitech’s yellow G button which will probably allow you to access some menu or some special section created specifically for the console.

The image on the back allows us to see how ergonomic the console is for the hands and therefore for the game. Not only because there are four buttons on the top, divided on its parts of the console, and which will clearly allow you to have full control of the game during the sessions. Also present at the top are other buttons that we assume will be used to turn on and off the Logitech G Gaming but also for volume control and perhaps to mute the sound.

In the last image instead it turns out the interface of the new Logitech G Gaming. On the screen you can see how the console support the Google Play Store and therefore it will be possible to install, we assume, not only the games present on this virtual store but also perhaps useful applications for the game or even for social networks. But as stated there will also be support for Xbox Cloud Gaming but also Nvidia GeForce Now and we also see the Steam icon, a sign that the portal can also be used on Logitech G Gaming. Finally, there is the icon of the Google Chrome web browser and also that of YouTube.

In short, a complete portable console that seems ready to give a hard time to the various Steam Deck And Nintendo Switch with all the support for the best gaming portals. We do not know anything else on a technical level, on the processor, on the characteristics of the screen, on the battery and therefore on the autonomy but in fact it seems that the Logitech G Gaming could be unveiled very soon, that is already today, at least according to what was declared by a post mysterious published on Instagram’s own channel Logitech G with the wording “The Game changer | 08.30” that is today, August 30th.

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