LIVE Athletics, Rovereto 2022 Meeting LIVE: Roberta Bruni Italian record!  Crippa retires, Ponzio wins

LIVE Athletics, Rovereto 2022 Meeting LIVE: Roberta Bruni Italian record! Crippa retires, Ponzio wins





22.01 The meeting in Rovereto 2022 therefore closes, thanks for following us up to this point, a good continuation of the evening with the chronicle of the evening on OA Sport.

22.00 Ntakarutimana wins in 13’08 ″ 43 (new meeting record) ahead of the Ethiopians Amare (13’12 ″ 72, new staff) and Melak (13’16 ″ 23).

21.57 The Burundian of the Trentingrana Oak Egide Ntakarutimana seems to have something more in this ending.

21.54 Yeman Crippa stops who had revealed a tired expression.

21.51 Try to stretch the Ethiopian Nibret Melak in the middle of the race.

21.48 5’12 ″ 26 the passage of the leading group (with Crippa) to 2000.

21.45 The men’s 5000 meters start and will close the meeting.

21.43 This is the final ranking of the high men: 1. Shinno (Japan) 2.27, 2. Doroshchuk (Ukraine) 2.27 (with more errors earlier than the Asian), 3. Kerr (New Zealand) 2.22. The blues Lando and Falocchi are respectively fifth and seventh with 2.19 and 2.14.

21.40 Soon the last track race of the evening, the men’s 5000 meters that will see Yeman Crippa at the start, fresh from the victory over 10,000 at the European Championships in Munich.

21.37 Kyle Langford (United Kingdom) wins the 800 in 1’44 ″ 49 ahead of Mohad Zahafi (Morocco) who finishes in 1’44 ″ 57. Third the Kenyan Collins Kipruto (1’44 “90) while with an excellent final the blue Simone Barontini is fourth with the new staff (1’44” 96).

21.35 This is the final ranking of the women’s auction: 1. Roberta Bruni (Italy) 4.72 (Italian record), 2. Anjuli Knaesche (Germany) 4.43, 3. Maryna Kypliko (Ukraine) 4.33.

21.34 At the start of the men’s 800, penultimate race of the track with the blue Simone Barontini.

21.32 Allie Wilson (USA) wins in 1’58 ″ 53 ahead of compatriot Olivia Baker in 1’58 ″ 83. Third Nia Akins in 1’59 ″ 32. Among the blue, Eloisa Coiro is eighth in 2’00 ″ 50 (personal), retreats instead for Sabbatini and Bellò.

21.29 Virginia Troiani goes to pull the group acting as a hare.

21.26 At the start of the women’s 800 with the blue Serena Troiani, Eloisa Coiro, Gaia Sabbatini and Elena Bellò.

21.24 ROBERTA BRUNI! 4.72 on the third attempt for the 1994 class of the Carabinieri which sets the new Italian record!

21.22 It starts to rain in Rovereto when 800 men and women remain on the track and 5000 men with Yeman Crippa.

21.20 The American Kendall Williams stretches out and wins in 10 “08 ahead of the Ivorian Arthur Cissè (10” 18) and the Liberian Emmanuel Matadi (10 “20).

21.19 Matadi risks with an early detachment, but there is green for everyone.

21.17 These are the men’s 100 meters at the start: Brendon (Canada), Ogando (Dominican Republic), Almaz (Germany), Charleston (USA), Matadi (LIberia), Cissè (Ivory Coast), Williams (USA), Campbell ( Jamaica).

9.15pm Roberta Bruni overcomes 4.63 on the first attempt and will try the Italian record of 4.72.

21.13 Twanisha Terry wins in 11 ″ 02, drawing the meeting record. Second Kayla White in 11 “18, third Javianne Oliver in 11” 31. Zaynab Dosso finishes sixth in 11 “41 while Irene Siragusa is eighth in 11” 82.

21.12 At the start of the women’s 100: Siragusa, Dosso (Italy), Ray, Parker, White, Terry, Oliver (USA), Haase (Germany).

21.10 The men’s shot put race ends with the victory of the blue Nick Ponzio (21.22), second Roman Kokoshko (Ukraine) with 20.63, third Roger Steen (USA) with 20.59. Leonardo Fabbri closes fourth with 20.54.

21.08 Roberta Bruni exceeds 4.53 on the second attempt and therefore imposes herself in the auction.

21.06 NICK PONZIO! The blue goes over 21 meters in weight with a 21.22 on the fifth attempt.

21.04 Michael Cherry (USA) wins in 45 ″ 27, according to the British Alex Haydock-Wilson in 45 ″ 50, third the Jamaican McDonald (45 ″ 63). Aceti (46 ″ 24) and Scotti (46 ″ 31) finish in sixth and seventh position respectively.

21.01 In weight Nick Ponzio strengthens his leadership with a 20.69 on the third attempt.

20.59 At the start of the men’s 400: Aceti, Scotti (Italy), Dringo (Romania), Haydock-Wilson (United Kingdom), Prevot (France), London, Cherry (USA), McDonald (Jamaica).

20.57 The American Kaylin Whtiney imposes itself in 51 ″ 11 (seasonal record). Second the Jamaican Junielle Bromfield in 51 “86, third Susanne Walli (Austria) in 52” 10.

20.54 The women’s 400 start: Troiani, Mangione (Italy), Jefferson (USA), Ryzhykova (Ukraine), Bromfield (Jamaica), Saalberg (Netherlands), Whtiney (USA), Valli (Austria).

20.51 The Japanese Nozomi Tanaka is imposed in the 3000 with the new meeting record (8’41 “93) in front of Kenyan Brenda Chebet (8’44” 08) and Sela Busienei (8’44 “54). Marta Zenoni is seventh in 8’50 ″ 58.

20.49 4.43 on the first attempt for Roberta Bruno who returns to the top in the women’s high.

20.47 The women’s long has also begun where the blue Ottavia Cestonaro and Veronica Crida will be at the start.

20.45 The blue Nick Ponzio leads the weight after the first round with a 20.65.

20.42 4.33 at the first attempt in the auction for Roberta Bruni who takes the lead.

20.39 At the start of the 3000 women with the blue Elisa Bortoli and Marta Zenoni.

20.36 With a 16.89 at the last attempt Donald Scott (USA) steals the victory from Tobia Bocchi (16.73) in the triple. Third Alexis Copello (Azerbaijan) with 16.23.

20.33 The German Presi wins in 49 ″ 04 ahead of the French Vaillant (49 ″ 07), third Josè Reynaldo Bencosme De Leon in 49 ″ 54. Mario Lambrughi only seventh in 50 ″ 84.

20.30 The 400 obstacles start.

20.28 The men’s shot put will soon start.

20.25 The 400 hurdles for men start: Lambrughi, Bencosme de Leon, Contini (Italy), Derbyshire (UK), Preis (Germany), Vaillant, Coroller (France), Angela (Netherlands).

20.23 The Jamaican Clayton imposes itself in the 400 obstacles in 53 “75 in front of the Ukrainian Tkachuk (54” 77). Third Woodfruff (Panama) in 55 ″ 12 while the blue Marchiando is sixth in 57 ″ 93.

20.21 Error for Roberta Bruni in the auction in the first jump of the evening at 4.23, the reigning Italian champion decided to pass 4.03 and 4.13.

20.19 2.04 at the first attempt for Lando (Italy), in the upper, at the second for Lycke-Holm (Sweden), all the others have decided to pass the first measure.

20.17 16.73 with 0.7 wind for both Tobia Bocchi and Donald Scott in the triple in the fourth round of jumps.

8.15 pm These are the athletes at the start: Turner (United Kingdom), Claes (Belgium), Woodruff (Panama), Knight, Clayton (Jamaica), Tkachuk (Ukraine), Gonzales (Colombia), Marchiando (Italy).

20.14 The track program with the women’s 400 obstacles is also about to start.

20.12 The men’s high jump starts: Lando, Falocchi (Italy), Potye (Germany), Lycke-Holm (Sweden), Doroshchuk (Ukraine), Amels (Netherlands), Wu (China), Shinno (Japan), Kerr (New Zealand), McEwen (USA).

20.10 Void for Tommaso Reffo and Enrico Montanari.

20.08 Simone Fedel finds the first valid jump of his race in the triple (14.39).

20.06 Eliminate the blue Scardanzan and the Ukrainian Haldichuk in the auction after three errors at 4.03.

20.04 16.19 also for Donald Scott (USA) but with +1.2 wind (0.6 more than Bocchi).

20.02 Null for Copello while Tobia Bocchi improves with a 16.69 which allows him to strengthen the first position.

19.59 Nulls also for Paz Soto, Fedel and Biasutti, 14.82 for the 2001 class of Tommaso Reffo.

19.57 Nothing for Enrico Montanari in the third round on the platform.

19.55 In the triple 16.18 for Copello (Azerbaijan) who improves and climbs to third position, Bocchi does not improve instead (15.34 after 16.67 of the first attempt), Scott (USA) instead finds a 16.64 after the null in the first round that brings him in the second provisional square.

19.53 In the meantime, in the women’s auction Meijer (Sweden) and Klekner (Hungary) exceeded 4.03 at the first attempt, mistakes instead for the blue Scardanzan and Molinarolo.

19.51 Simone Biasutti does not improve with a 15.66 after 15.83 found at the opening.

19.49 Paz Soto improves with a 16.00 while the second null arrives for Fedel and Reffo.

19.47 15.12 for Enrico Montanari in the second round on the platform which propels him to fifth place.

19.45 Bocchi opens his evening with a 16.67 with +0.8 wind then the American Scott does nothing.

19.43 15.83 on the first attempt for Biasutti then the Azerbaijani Copello makes 15.61, now it’s up to Tobia Bocchi.

19.41 These are the stars at the start: Bruni, Molinarolo, Scardanzan (Italy), Meijer (Sweden), Klekner (Hungary), Kylipko, Hladichuk (Ukraine), Kanesche (Germany).

7.40pm Even for Reffo, it’s up to Simone Biasutti.

19.38 Nothing for Simone Fedel now Tommaso Reffo.

19.37 15.82 for Geovany Paz Soto in the first turn on the platform with +1.0 wind.

19.35 At 19.40 the women’s pole vault will start.

19.32 Nothing for Montanari on the first attempt.

19.30 The evening’s program begins, the first on the platform will be the blue Enrico Montanari.

19.25 We will therefore start with the triple jump where at the start there will be: Bocchi, Montanari, Paz Soto, Fedel, Reffo, Biasutti (Italy), Copello (Azerbaijan) and Scott (USA).

19.20 This is the program of the evening at the “Quercia” stadium:

19.30 Triple jump (men)

19.40 Pole vault (female)

20.10 High jump (male)

20.15 400 obstacles (women)

20.25 400 hurdles (men)

20.30 Shot put (male)

20.35 3000 meters (women)

20.40 Long jump (female)

20.50 400 meters (women)

20.55 400 meters (men)

21.05 100 meters (women)

21.15 100 meters (men)

21.25 800 meters (women)

21.35 800 meters (men)

21.45 5000 meters (men)

7.15 pm Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the meeting in Rovereto.

Athletics, the presentation of the Rovereto meeting

Good evening friends and friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the 2022 edition of the Palio della Quercia di Rovereto, the traditional meeting with many blues but with a strong international vocation that closes the athletics season.

There will be several Italian athletes protagonists of this Trentino review, above all Yeman Crippa, which will be committed to 5,000 after the European gold on 10,000 won in Munich eight days ago. In the 800s they will then be at the start Simone Barontini And Catalin Tecuceanu while in the women’s 800 a nice challenge is announced between Gaia Sabbatini and Elena Bellò. Present then Tobia Bocchi in the triple jump, Nick Ponzio And Leonardo Fabbri in weight.

There will also be international stars at the “Quercia” stadium in Rovereto where six medalists from the last Europeans such as the German will be present Tobias Potyesilver in the top behind Tamberi, the Irishman Mark English, bronze in the 19th century; and ukraine for women Viktoriya Tkachuk (bronze in the 400 hurdles), the Dutch Eveline Saalberg (gold in 4 × 400), the Polish Anna Wielgosz and the French Renelle Lamoteprotagonists of the 800, respectively bronze and silver in Monaco.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE text of the Palio della Quercia 2022, the meeting that closes the athletics season. It will start at approximately 19.30 at the “Quercia” stadium in Rovereto, have fun with our news in real time so as not to miss anything.

Photo: Lapresse

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