Juve-Spezia, Allegri: "There are the returns of Di Maria and Fagioli"

Juve-Spezia, Allegri: “There are the returns of Di Maria and Fagioli”

Allegri: “Milik starter with Vlahovic or on the bench”

There is the possibility of immediately seeing a Juve with two points: “As always, changes will be important. Milik? He will have to consider whether to start it from the beginning with Vlahovic or take him to the bench “. Allegri is also unbalanced on young people: “Let’s call them footballers, not youngsters. Young people are a question of age. Miretti played a good game, then it will happen that he will need to recover. There is a psychological, emotional component. If they are good they play, I make them play. Since I started doing this job, there have been several young boys who are still in Serie A. The message must not get through: the young must play. If they are good they play, if they are not good they do not play. You can think about many things, but what you can’t think about is the victory of the matches. Soulé he’s doing well, I’m making other choices right now. Juventus, like all great teams, must aim to win. I make choices based on matches, regardless of whether one is 18 or 35 “.

Allegri: “Pogba? Maybe he starts running next week “

Situation Pogba: “It is not available for now. Hopefully, he’ll start running next week. Hoping everything goes for the best possible because he is an important player ”. Pogba tormented by the family situation: “The injured people work outside the team work, so I haven’t seen him”. Another midfielder we talk about is Paredes: “I don’t think anything, he is a player of the Psg. Better to talk about who is there, then: Cats it is going well. Bonucci is in place and from the day after tomorrow will be with the team and available with the Fiorentina. I’m happy about Gatti, let’s see if he’ll be available tomorrow ”.

Allegri: “Nobody needs rest”

Allegri growls on the issue of fatigue: “We played three games, there is no need for rest. I have to field the best formation with Spezia. Tomorrow is a more difficult match, because it needs to be prepared in a better way than the match against Roma. It must be attacked immediately. To do this we need the right approach and the right wickedness because there are three points that must be taken home “.

Allegri: “Danilo central? Good game”

He enjoyed the game of Danilo with Roma: “He played a good match. Defensively, we made some positional errors, but that’s normal. I am happy with the performance they made, as well as with all the defenders I have available. He can play on the right, left and in the middle: having players like this is important ”. Even because “Competitiveness within the group is always important, then playing every 3 days we need 15 players”.

Allegri: “In the championship you have to travel at cruising speed”

For now, Allegri does not set a scudetto score, as it often does over the years, but confirms: “In the championship I always say: you don’t have to have peaks, but travel at cruising speed. These 4 points were important, so tomorrow the game must be attacked. The important thing is to give continuity to the positive streak of results “.

Allegri: “McKennie is growing in condition”

More on singles, on McKennie: “He was very good with Roma, he came from a shoulder dislocation, he only worked 3 days. He did what he could do in the best way. He is growing in condition like the whole team and I’m happy ”.

Allegri on Fagioli: “I don’t comment on agent words, I think he will remain at Juve”

On Fagioli, Allegri starts shooting: “I don’t comment on the agent’s words. If I were to stay here to comment on everything that is said … Since now with these social networks everyone is allowed to speak. It is part of the world of football that everyone can express their own idea and opinion. In any case, I’m happy with Fagioli ”. Rovellainstead, it is already out: “It is already on the way out, it has already left and it is going to Monza. Making him stay here and breaking a continuity path would be harmful. We made a choice with the company. At the moment Fagioli is with Juve and I think he will remain at Juve“.

Allegri: “Di Maria owner? Let’s not exaggerate “

We return to talk about the Argentine Di Maria, great protagonist on the first day: “Will I field him from the start? Let’s not exaggerate, let’s say it’s available ”.

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